Monday, March 5, 2012

Playing Catch-Up!

 I feel as if I am about to be as behind on this blog as I am in my scrapbooks!  Since this blog is easier to keep current, I will have to make the effort so that when I DO decide I can take on the daunting task of getting the 'ole scrapbooks out, I will at least know WHEN things happened!

So here goes...
We have had such a mild winter this year.  Even camp has only had a little snow here and there.  I DO love that place when it is covered in snow, it is breathtaking!

 I am LOVING the tray that Scott made me for Christmas.  It is so fun to have candles sitting on it at night giving a gentle glow to the ENORMOUS piles of clothes I fold....
 And my other awesome gift from Scott...these wonderful pull-outs for my cabinets- that he made from scratch!  I was SO IMPRESSED!! He only has 2 more to make and ALL my cabinets will have them! Give that boy a little time, and some space in the garage and he gets after it!
 My mother-in-law gave me this precious little lamp for Christmas and it, too, has provided me much joy.  I LOVE me some  lamp-lit spaces!  So cozy!
 Scott seems to have been on a creative roll lately...Anna needed to be something that started with the first letter of her first name for Spirit Week at school..
 What ELSE would Scott suggest but and "airplane" ?!  He made an almost exact replica of his own plane!  (she got 3rd place for it :/  )

We live in the most beautiful part of California.  There are so many places to hike or bike ride around us.  While we are researching bike trailers for full-sized kids like sweet Lindsay, we have had to stick to walking.  2 weekends ago we went up to Shasta Dam.  WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY to go!
 Snow covered Mt. Shasta is always so majestic!  The water was so ble, Lindsay kept saying she thought we should go swimming.   Brrrr.
We walked all the way across and looked over the side a few is FREAKY!

 Last week, our newest cousin came into the family!   On February 28th, little Miss Amelia Hope Luff was born, weighing a whopping 6 pounds 9 ounces.  Brad and Beckie will have a lot to learn about girls since Amelia is their first one after two boys!
Lindsay was absolutely taken with her!
 She is the tiniest little thing!

Beckie's mom was coming into town this last weekend, so we decided that the boys should come over and hang out at our house while Beckie got things ready at her house...
 We had an action packed day to say the least!
Boys are BUSY!
 and they like to splash!
 Lindsay kept her distance and only asked a couple of times when they would be going back to their house! hahaha  She is so used to peace and quiet!

That night Scott made some incredible pizzas...I mean incredible!
 and we ate under the stars!!
 We ended the evening sitting by the fire pit that Scott built.  Now he for sure wants one of those brick ovens for cooking pizza!  What a perfect evening!