Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lindsay the Cook

Lindsay isn't usually able to help do things like bake cookies or make a salad, or any other activity that may be dangerous for a child with limited vision and special needs. Tonight I made soup that required a lot a stirring....and she BEGGED me to let her stir! Look at that happy expression on her sweet face. When everyone sat down at the table she was so proud to announce that she had "cooked" the soup!! I will find another job for her to do in the kitchen very soon! She LOVES to "help" set the table ( it's okay that Scott has 2 spoons and Shae has a knife and a napkin only) We get it all sorted out eventually.........

High School Musical 3

Tonight I took Shae and Anna to see HSM3! ( Lindsay didn't come...she would MUCH rather watch Dora the Explorer!!) It was a great movie! I wonder when Hollywood is going to "get it" that a "G" rated movie made more money on it's opening weekend than the stuff Hollywood usually puts out! We all enjoyed it very much....and Shae had already seen it the night before with her friends!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

My New Sign

This just came today! I LOVE it! I ordered it from an Etsy store If you have never shopped on Etsy you really must go browse the beautiful HANDMADE things for sale there. My sign has our last name overlapping the year we were married and the Bible verse Joshua 24:15, but you can have anything on your sign. Go check them out!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lady Lions!

The RCHS Lady Lions Varsity Volleyball team went to Medford, Oregon for the St. Mary's Tournament last weekend. These girls played hard...12 games in all!!
There are 7 girls on the team (6 play at a time..that means only 1 sub!) The other teams had an average of 12-15 players. But, we are "The Little Engine That Could".....

Take a look at the coaches (and Shae) during the final minutes of the Championship game (the 12th game they played in ONE day) It was a nail biter!!!

But, LOOK at that score! ( for those of you not familiar with Vball, you play to 25, and you must win by 2 points...can you even imagine what this was like?! It was CRAZY!! But, so exciting for our little team!! They were SOOOO excited that they got a plaque!!

The very deserving team!!

Congratulations Lady Lions! Your hard work and endurance along with your beautiful attitudes and testimony were such a blessing to all who watched you! (thanks for letting me be a driver...and for the concert on the way home! )

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Best Little Sister Ever!

Anna Fay, you are the glue that holds us together! I honestly couldn't make it without you!

You are so thoughtful, always wanting to pick special things for others, and insisting on paying with YOUR own money.
You have provided Lindsay with so many great experiences that I would probably would have "protected" her from. Like jumping on the trampoline in a DOWNPOUR!!

And having picnics in the rain (you made sure she was NOT getting wet...not even her feet! ) Remember when she was younger and soo afraid of rain AND umbrellas? ( I would have said, "oh it will make too much laundry, and I will have to do her hair again.")

You patiently "teach" her so many things, and care for her "extra" needs as if she were YOUR daughter. It is NO wonder Lindsay calls you "my Anna". Lindsay is so lucky that God decided that she needed another sister, and that it is YOU!
Anna, God says that whatever you do "for the least of these", you do unto me!
Great will be your reward in heaven for all those snacks you have prepared, all the trips to take her potty( and all the times you had to "come see" what was IN the potty), all the times you lovingly dressed her , played with her, were sweet to her when she tripped over YOUR blocks and knocked them down, and sooo many other things. You are the baby of our family, yet you have never held the position. You are one amazing girl and I am so thankful you are mine. You really could run this house without me!
I Love You, Sweet girl! (just thought you should know)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Lindsay"s 11th Birthday!

Today this Sweet Girl turned eleven years old! It is hard to imagine her growing up, she is still "our baby" in so many ways. This year has been one of real growth..both physically and mentally. THIS was the year of complete potty training! WOO HOO!! She also sleeps ALL NIGHT, and more importanly, in her OWN bed!
We are so incredibly blessed by this precious one that God has so mercifully allowed us to keep after the struggle for her life so many years ago! Though she is forever changed from that perfect baby that came into this world on October 6, 1997, she is perfect in a different way...PERFECT for us! Every day she makes me appreciate my sight, my mind and my many other abilities that I take for granted that she works so hard to use. Lindsay is the sweetest, happiest and most loving child anyone could ever meet!
Happy "Eweventh" Birthday, Lindsay Leigh!!!!
We "Wove" you!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thankful Banner

Look at this darling banner I just finished! I ordered the kit from She has many different kits for all occasions, you can even buy them pre-made...but it was VERY fun to put together!! (I ordered them for my sisters-in-law! Shhh) I woke up this morning and walked into the family room, saw this banner and began my day being" Thankful" .

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dorky Blogger!

So, as you can see, I am still trying to figure this whole thing out! What a dork! Under the DARLING polka dot pumpkin it is supposed "jack o Lantern" ( I secretly coveted Nikki's darling ones on her I have MY OWN!!
I seriously need blogging 101!!


Nikki loves do I....

F-lower pot (monogramed!)

A-pron...with my monogram in pink!!

L-ittle notepad and clipboard

L-jack o Lantern (when I saw Nikki's mantle I secretly coveted one of these)

I totally SCORED!! Nikki, I LOVE all my Fall swap items! How very thoughtful you were! It was especially fun to have all my items personalized...with a name like "Inger", you don't EVER find your name on a keychain at Disneyland or anywhere else for that matter!