Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fun Stuff

Well, much to Shae's dismay I visited my new favorite store again! Who knew that The Salvation Army was full of such fun!!! Anna was not dismayed when she saw all the Groovy Girls treasures I found , cleaned and had on her bed when she came home from school!! (each item was .99! What a deal...those things are BIG BUCKS at the "regular" stores!)
Lindsay LOVES her Magna Doodle, and she is getting to be quite the artist..look at her rendition of her favorite toy (the school bus she hides when her cousin comes over, so he can't play with it! We found it in Shae's closet one time after Austin was here for dinner!) Her items are NOT from the Salvation Army- just thought you would like to see her picture!!
Shae had some random stuff on her dresser that looked cute, but, not just sitting there. So, I found this sweet apothecary jar (don't tell her but it is from the SA), cleaned it really good and put her heart shaped rock, corsage from last year's banquet, crown from homecoming and her beloved Juicy earring box in side. LOVE IT! She really is a Salvation Army snob, just wait until I find some cute Juicy stuff sometime!!
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Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Masquerade "Banquet"

Shae with David (her lifelong friend from back in the church nursery!) He is a twin and Lindsay LOVES his brother, Jon, because he built blocks with her a long time ago!
Shae with Kris (fun to watch him play basketball and especially baseball..he hits home -runs just about every game). His grandfather and Shae's Papa were long time friends!
The benefits of going "dateless"!! (these 4 guys have minds of their own-glad they didn't make the girls wear hats and glasses too!)
Rachel and Shae, sweet friends!
Shae came home much earlier than I expected, she is ssiiiiiiicccckkk! I think it might be bronchitis! She is missing her club volleyball tournament today- so you know she is sick! (and I gotta say, we are going to the doctor tomorrow...Lindsay and I are tired of the coughing !!!)

*Susie K. and Dawn S.- do you see how fun blogging would be for you to keep up with the lives of your beautiful girls?? Not to mention the fact that I could see what is going on with all of you! I miss you both so very much and hope we can work it out to get together soon! XOXO

Friday, February 20, 2009

Wish {I} Had A Sister

Too bad everyone doesn't have a sister to teach you how to do math.
...and be sooo shocked and excited when you get the problem right! (seriously, a multiplication problem? ) I kept telling Anna that those were over her head, clever girl taught her the "zeros"!!
I always wanted a sister, Lindsay lucked out when she got Anna! Every weekend this month Anna has been gone- she has been working up at the camp with her Dad during the winter retreats, so Lindsay has been so lonely for her. Yesterday after dinner they had a chance for some play time outside before baths! Playing with Anna is NEVER just playing, there is always a lot involved---like cheerleader costumes! No wonder Lindsay wishes Anna would stay home this weekend, she is stuck with "boring old Mom".

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Most Thoughtful Valentine Ever!

My husband is one of the most thoughtful people I have EVER met. He is so wonderful to his parents (especially his Mom), to people who work with him and to his many "elderly" friends. (going and checking on our previous neighbor's gutters, mowing grass for another of his older friends and many other things!)

I think God built him especially to be the father of females. he knows just how to talk to our girls and touch their hearts. He also says the funniest things (without even trying, like "if you mess with a bull, you're gonna get the horns!" and MANY other "Scottisms"-ask the staff at camp!)
When Shae's purse was stolen he felt so bad for her. It is tough to learn things the hard way! Well, this man searched Ebay until he found a purse just like the one that was taken! He has had it hidden away for a few weeks. Look at Shae's face when she opened it!!

He also had gifts for the other girls and me! When his parents stopped by before going to dinner, he had a card with a giftcard to the restaurant they were going to for them! He did all of it by himself! What a guy!

I am so blessed to have this sweet guy as my Valentine! I love you Scott!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lindsay's Happy Day

Today Shae and I went to Lindsay's Special Ed. class to make Valentine cookies and magnets with her class. Her teacher didn't tell her we were coming, so she was VERY happily surprised when Shae walked in (during her own lunch period ). This picture tells it all!!
This wasn't hard for most of the kids, but Lindsay doesn't have great vision (or fine motor skills) so she has to work so hard to do the things the others do with no problem. She loved every minute of decorating this cookie!
Here are some of Lindsay's friends, including her BEST friend, Leslie Lamanuzzi (standing). Lindsay calls her "Weswie Wamanuzzi" though (how cute is THAT??) They have been in the same class since Kindergarten...Lindsay is "legally blind" and Leslie is deaf--makes for a PERFECT friendship, don't you think???!!! Hahahaha!
Here is the reason we bring everyone their OWN plastic knife, and Shae stays near so we don't have any double dipping!! :) but, seriously, who could resist!?
Shae gets lots of offers for dates when we visit Lindsay's class, and today was no exception!
Here are the boys "being cool"...they LOVE having their picture taken but want to see it right after I take it..what did kids do before digital cameras?
Shae has 3 male teachers and Anna has 1...so we made them chocolate chip cookies for Valentine's Day. I didn't think they would like socks with hearts on them, polka dot mugs or stationary with their initials like the ladies are getting!!
Phew...cupcakes are all done, finally! It is only 9:30 pm so I am ahead of schedule, but you should see my kitchen! (Shae said I should have put a picture of it on here!)

Happy Valentine's Party Day! ( I will be at Anna's school tomorrow!)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine's Day Teacher Gift #1

Home made Hot Cocoa Mix

1- 1lb box powdered sugar
1-1lb jar Coffeemate
8 qt. box nonfat dry milk
1 cup cocoa
2 cups granulated sugar

Mix together in a large bowl. Fill cellophane bags with desired amount of mix. Add a few mini marshmellows at the top. Make a cute gift tag and tie with ribbon!
Shae and I found the cute mugs at Ross for $2.99!


Friday, February 6, 2009

Valentine Swap Fun!!

Today when I came home from my hair appointment there were 3 packages on my doorstep! I KNEW one of them would be my swap gift from Windsor...but all 3 were for my husband!! Argh! So, on I went to the grocery store, upon my 2nd arrival home I glanced toward the front door...and there it was good ol' USPS came through!
This was ALL me!! I absolutely LOVE "smellies"... I take a bath EVERY night, so I will enjoy these fun girly pink products! Windsor also sent me the cutest thing, a little container full of cards with questions "The Girlfriends Box of Questions"! A-dor-a-ble!! The first one I read said "If you could pick a theme song that would play every time you entered a room, what would it be?" Is that fun, or what? I am still thinking about my answer......
Windsor sent some goodies for my girls, too! Lindsay was tickled pink to get some candy, she told Daddy she will share with him!
Shae took a texting break to eat a few hearts!
Anna was on her way out the door to go help Dad for the weekend working in the kitchen at camp (one of the local HS groups has their winter camp this weekend) so she said "cool, I will eat these on the way up the hill! (The camp is a 45 minute drive up Mt. Lassen) Notice I have my teacher Valentine's gifts done and ready to go?? Phew!
Here is Lindsay where she loves to be...watching Dora (right in front of the TV because she can't see well) she LOVES to line things up, blocks, gummy bears, cups...anything! Now look how she has her candy hearts all organized!

Thank you so very much, Windsor! We were blessed by your kindness!! (and sorry you had to pay so much in shipping, I guess it is because I live on the other side of the country!! )
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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valentine's Day Decorations....

I LOVE to decorate for the holidays...but I am not great at it like my sister in law, Beckie (I really hope she will put some holiday pictures on her blog soon) her house always looks festive!
This is the "girl's" bathroom at our house, although it seems like makeup and hair are ALWAYS done in our bathroom, and somehow Dad's bathroom gets "messed up" too! Hmmmm...
I got a "silhouette"(a cutting machine like the cricut) last year for my birthday!! So FUN!! I guess I will have a festive fireplace for all occasions now!
I love my apothecary jars..but what do I put in them now ? Christmas was easy...
Anna and I visited the Salvation Army last weekend and we picked up these milkglass beauties for .99 each! Don't worry, they are washed and we even wrote on the plate with dry erase marker and found some ribbon to dress up the plate!
The Danger Zone (good thing there is no chocolate in there, and the cupcake if fake!)
My beloved "Southern Living at Home" dress me-up plate from sweet Dawn Smith! Check out the $4 Wal-Mart adorable Valentine's Day picture frame!

Happy Love Month to all!!!
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