Thursday, September 26, 2013

Twenty-One Years of FUN!

 Shae you are twenty-one years old.  Weird. Weren't you just my ONLY child just yesterday?  Where have these years gone, why did they fly by so quickly?  What I wouldn't give for just with you as that PRECIOUS four year old.
I know we can't turn back time.  And, I'm not sure I would REALLY want to do that because as you have grown up, you have grown into the most incredible young woman.
 What an amazing sister you are.  I LOVE the relationships you have with each of your sisters.  It truly warms my heart to see you and Anna bonding.  You will need each other as the years go by.  You have a bond that not many sisters are fortunate enough to have both have endured a life of sacrificing so that the needs of Lindsay could always be met.  Thank you for never complaining or feeling like you were "ripped off" even though, truth be told, you were.
 Lindsay loves you with a deep, soul clenching love.  She yelps when she knows the phone ringing means YOU are on the other end, and stops to admire your beautiful picture in the hallway on her way to bed at night.  The glass has many fingerprints and kisses leaving evidence of that love.
 You have chosen wonderful friends!  Each time I have been around your friends, my heart feels like it will burst because I can see that you have made your lifelong friends, and that they are such good mutsies girls!
 I have confidence that you can take care of yourself!  You even have some great shooting skills!  YES, we all heard the 'pings' as you actually hit the targets you were aiming for!
 You are a good and loyal friend~how fun that you and Hope are second generation Liberty friends:)
 You are one tough cookie! (well, at least you WERE until you saw the vein pumping the blood right out of this owie....and I still regret listening to Dad when he said you did NOT need stitches).
 You are a loyal Cowboy's fan.  Enough said.
 You are the first one I want to call when I have news, and my favorite voice to hear when I answer my phone.
 You are funny,,,, like really, really funny.  I like that!  And I need that!!
 You are a fashionista. I appreciate every #ootd picture that you finally give in and take for me!  What a cute little teacher you will be!
(okay, this picture proves that ALL fashionistas have an off day from time to time...)
Every day for the past 21 years has been a JOY to be your Mama.  Thank you for being such an easy kid to raise.  You are a JOY and I am looking so forward to what your future will hold!
Keep making good choices and listening to advice.  Keep working hard to reach your goals.  Keep building your friendships and serving others, but most of ALL....keep your eyes on Jesus!
Happy Happy Birthday, sweet girl.