Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

 Easter 2011 was a Glorious day!  The thought that Jesus would die to save wretched me, is unimaginable.  How blessed we are that He keeps His promises...and He conquered the grave!
We went to our church service at the Convention Center this morning then came home to have lunch with family and friends... 18 in all!
 Scott's parents came a little early to help get everything ready (and I am not gonna lie, I could get used to a "personal vacuumer"!) Dottie made the most precious cake!  I LOVE that she focused on the REAL meaning of Easter.
 My other luxury in this life is my "personal chef".  People always thank me after meals at our house, but I must admit that Scott is almost always the one who has prepared the food!! (and he ALWAYS cleans up the whole kitchen-and believe me, I am so OVER feeling threatened by that!)
 My job is to set the food out how I want it,
 light the candles and set the tables.
 This year, since we had so many people, we went with paper plates...thank you TJMaxx for having such beautiful paper goods!
 It was raining when we woke up, so we almost had to go with plan B, but the sun ended up coming out and it was perfect to have the second table outside.
 Anna organized an Easter egg hunt for all the little kids.  She and Chloe were so patient to help them find the eggs and their baskets.
 Some of the eggs were really hidden well, but Austin was "really good at finding Easter eggs".... good thing!
 Gavin found his basket and he was thrilled that it was his favorite

 Lindsay was so happy that she was able to find her basket all by herself.
{and after a rough morning at church (major crying melt down), it was good to see her smile.  I think the whole loud music and lights and huge crowd at the convention center just completely over-stimulated her :(  }
 What a beautiful, sunny day to celebrate Easter with our family and friends!
 Thank you for the CROSS, Lord!  Thank you for the price YOU paid!
Bearing all my sin and shame,  in love You came and  gave amazing grace!


Monday, April 11, 2011

Shasta Caverns

 When you are in 6th grade in Shasta County, you get to go on a field trip to Shasta Caverns.  It is an amazing field trip right after you finish the study of rocks.  Seeing what you have learned about in real life really helps to understand it all.
 We are so fortunate to live so close to so many historical places.  Shasta Caverns is just a boat ride across Shasta Lake!
 Kristina, Hannah, Anna and Lauren
 We have had SO much rain this year, the lake is VERY full!  I can't wait for warm weather so we can go out on the patio boat!
 I am so thankful that Scott likes all these "hiking required" field trips!  He was a good boy and took lots of pictures too!!
 The cavern was discovered by an indian who was chasing a bobcat!  Look how small the opening is!  Scott could not believe the rough terrain all around the cavern.  After the boat ride, you take a bus up a wind-y {scary} little road.  He couldn't imagine those people wandering all around that area way back then!
 Everyone wore headlamps to navigate through the cool, dark caverns.
 I wouldn't mind having one of those things to wear at night when I am reading!
 Anna had a great time,
 especially since she had her Dad there to experience it all with!
Shasta Caverns is just another wonderful example of God's handiwork!

"Have you not known?
Have you not heard?
The everlasting God, the Lord, 
The Creator of the ends of the earth,
Neither faints nor is weary.
His understanding is unsearchable."
Isaiah 40:28


Saturday, April 9, 2011


 Scott and I had the opportunity to go down to Sacramento overnight for the Sysco Food Show.  They pay for us to have a hotel room, so it is always fun to go the day before and go shopping and eat somewhere we don't have in Redding.
 Dottie told us that we HAD TO eat breakfast at a darling place that our friend, Melanie had told her about (Melanie has exquisite taste in EVERYTHING, so we knew it would not disappoint!)
 We arrived at The Tower Cafe and I was instantly pleased!  It is connected to an old movie house and surrounded by a beautiful garden.  It was fun just looking around at all of the beautiful plants and the old building.
 Inside the restaurant was a little hard to figure out.  It was loaded with decorations and resembled a Mexican restaurant.  The place was packed and every plate of food we saw looked scrumptious!!
 Scott got the house specialty...french toast.  I don't even like french toast and i LOVED this!  It didn't have syrup on it (which is why I liked it!) It had fresh strawberries with a strawberry-ish sauce and the  homemade cinnamon whipped cream was indescribably delicious!!
 We had some time to do one of our favorite things, drive through a quaint neighborhood and look at the darling houses.  For many years, we used to drive through a neighborhood in Sacramento called "The Fabulous Forties" while we waited for Lindsay's neurology appointments at Sutter Memorial (we would drive around so she could  try to take a nap before seeing the doctor!)
 I could picture us living in one of these cute little houses with Lindsay after our other girls are grown and on their own.  Lindsay and I could walk to the grocery store or park each day.
 We could do yard work on the weekends...
 Aren't these the cutest!??  Older homes have so much character and personality, it really would be fun to find one!  
In the mean time, my poor husband is attempting to paint the whole inside of our house.  There are 2 ladders, rollers, paint cans and tape taking up residence here.  Just today I got in my car and realized there was paint on the front of one of my pant legs.  Argh.  
I'll be glad when this project is finished...and if I don't go anywhere in public with paint on my hiney.


Monday, April 4, 2011

Birthday Boy and a Couple of Farmers

Austin Luff turned 5 years old on March 28th.  I remember the night that beautiful boy came into the world!  It's hard to believe he will be in Kindergarten this Fall.  
He and his brother are obsessed with garbage trucks.  Beckie had a friend of a friend who hooked Austin up on his special day!
He had the chance to ride in a REAL garbage truck and "work the controls!"  His Mom took some video and he could not wait for Grandma and Papa to see!

While Austin was reliving all the garbage truck fun, Lindsay played with Austin's little brother Gavin. Gavin is SO patient with Lindsay.  He was "teaching" her how to play the "fishing game" and he was so sweet to put each fish back in it's hole when she couldn't see to do it right.  When it was time for cake and presents, he carefully put the whole game back together and put it back on the shelf where it belongs. 
 Brad hooked the "Garbage Truck" video up to the TV for us to watch and Lindsay was tickled to death when she asked Austin to sit on her lap, and HE DID!
 There were lots of new transformers in the house.  Gavin was so excited over all of Austin's presents too and his birthday is later this week! Yay! Another party!
  Anna missed the first part of the party because she had a softball game, but she made it in time for some yummy cake!
Happy Birthday, Austin Jeffrey Luff!

Sunday afternoon Scott was going to check on his bee hives, so my little 'city girls' and I went with him to enjoy some fresh  air.
We keep the hives at our friend, Tom's house.  He also has horses...and what a bonus that they were so happy to see US!
 Lindsay wasn't real sure about getting too close at first.
 But, as usual, Anna talked her into being brave and getting a little closer to the fence.
 Scott fixed one hive that had been knocked over and reported that those bees are still busy!
 When we found some hay to give the horses a little snack, Lindsay kept saying, "We're FARMERS, Anna!"  It was Hilarious!!
 I can't imagine how frustrated that poor horse was with Lindsay because she would only get so close, then she dropped the hay when he tried to get it out of her hand!
 When he sneezed, it was the absolute funniest thing!!  Lindsay talked about how "that horse sneezed a couple of times" the rest of the night!
By the time we left, Farmer Lindsay had become quite comfortable around those horses and wanted to know when we could go back again!!