Saturday, April 9, 2011


 Scott and I had the opportunity to go down to Sacramento overnight for the Sysco Food Show.  They pay for us to have a hotel room, so it is always fun to go the day before and go shopping and eat somewhere we don't have in Redding.
 Dottie told us that we HAD TO eat breakfast at a darling place that our friend, Melanie had told her about (Melanie has exquisite taste in EVERYTHING, so we knew it would not disappoint!)
 We arrived at The Tower Cafe and I was instantly pleased!  It is connected to an old movie house and surrounded by a beautiful garden.  It was fun just looking around at all of the beautiful plants and the old building.
 Inside the restaurant was a little hard to figure out.  It was loaded with decorations and resembled a Mexican restaurant.  The place was packed and every plate of food we saw looked scrumptious!!
 Scott got the house specialty...french toast.  I don't even like french toast and i LOVED this!  It didn't have syrup on it (which is why I liked it!) It had fresh strawberries with a strawberry-ish sauce and the  homemade cinnamon whipped cream was indescribably delicious!!
 We had some time to do one of our favorite things, drive through a quaint neighborhood and look at the darling houses.  For many years, we used to drive through a neighborhood in Sacramento called "The Fabulous Forties" while we waited for Lindsay's neurology appointments at Sutter Memorial (we would drive around so she could  try to take a nap before seeing the doctor!)
 I could picture us living in one of these cute little houses with Lindsay after our other girls are grown and on their own.  Lindsay and I could walk to the grocery store or park each day.
 We could do yard work on the weekends...
 Aren't these the cutest!??  Older homes have so much character and personality, it really would be fun to find one!  
In the mean time, my poor husband is attempting to paint the whole inside of our house.  There are 2 ladders, rollers, paint cans and tape taking up residence here.  Just today I got in my car and realized there was paint on the front of one of my pant legs.  Argh.  
I'll be glad when this project is finished...and if I don't go anywhere in public with paint on my hiney.



Amy said...

Oh my goodness....I can just imagine you with paint on your hiney. ;-P So, when are y'all coming to Lburg?

Momofgirls said...

April 27th!!!

Hanarie123 said...

Born and raised a Rosevillain, I've never heard of the Tower Cafe, I must try it out! Ps, My auntie lives in the "Forties Neighborhood" Love it, we always went Trick-r-Treating at her place.

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

What a wonderful time!!