Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

 Easter 2011 was a Glorious day!  The thought that Jesus would die to save wretched me, is unimaginable.  How blessed we are that He keeps His promises...and He conquered the grave!
We went to our church service at the Convention Center this morning then came home to have lunch with family and friends... 18 in all!
 Scott's parents came a little early to help get everything ready (and I am not gonna lie, I could get used to a "personal vacuumer"!) Dottie made the most precious cake!  I LOVE that she focused on the REAL meaning of Easter.
 My other luxury in this life is my "personal chef".  People always thank me after meals at our house, but I must admit that Scott is almost always the one who has prepared the food!! (and he ALWAYS cleans up the whole kitchen-and believe me, I am so OVER feeling threatened by that!)
 My job is to set the food out how I want it,
 light the candles and set the tables.
 This year, since we had so many people, we went with paper plates...thank you TJMaxx for having such beautiful paper goods!
 It was raining when we woke up, so we almost had to go with plan B, but the sun ended up coming out and it was perfect to have the second table outside.
 Anna organized an Easter egg hunt for all the little kids.  She and Chloe were so patient to help them find the eggs and their baskets.
 Some of the eggs were really hidden well, but Austin was "really good at finding Easter eggs".... good thing!
 Gavin found his basket and he was thrilled that it was his favorite

 Lindsay was so happy that she was able to find her basket all by herself.
{and after a rough morning at church (major crying melt down), it was good to see her smile.  I think the whole loud music and lights and huge crowd at the convention center just completely over-stimulated her :(  }
 What a beautiful, sunny day to celebrate Easter with our family and friends!
 Thank you for the CROSS, Lord!  Thank you for the price YOU paid!
Bearing all my sin and shame,  in love You came and  gave amazing grace!


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Amy said...

Looks like you guys had a really nice day!