Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ankle Update and A Tin Grin

 This week has been a very busy...and expensive one! 
Lindsay had another appointment with the ankle doctor to get her pink cast sawed off, another x-ray and a new cast.  
Dr. Chang was VERY pleased with the way her ankle is healing, so he said 2 more weeks in a cast and she will be done!! ( I have the back and neck pain to PROVE that she has been staying off of her foot!) He also allowed her to have a  boot that fits over the cast so she can walk on it now!  Ya-Hooooooooooo!!
 After hearing all day about how she was going to choose a purple cast this time, she told Mike, the master cast-maker, to give her a blue one.  Huh?!!
 The very next morning, was Lindsay's much anticipated appointment to get her braces on.  I NEVER expected that this would ever be a possibility for her since our dentist (and Scott) told me that "putting braces on a child like her just buys trouble sometimes".  She is 13 years old and has ZERO cavities, so he said that braces will make it harder for us to keep her teeth that way.  Scott always said straight teeth didn't really matter for a child like her. :(  

I told his mom that he said that.

Well, it is MY opinion (and my mother-in-law's opinion too) that Lindsay SHOULD have straight teeth like he sisters (and we think it is, perhaps, even MORE important for HER!)
I will admit that in the past it has been a challenge to take her to the dentist because she didn't want to cooperate.  She almost NEVER tolerated the cleaning to the end and never the flouride treatment.
But, this girl just amazes us all the time and for the last 4 or 5 cleanings, has done every.single.part. and has been able to be in the big room with all the other patients (not the "special" room for trouble makers children who require more patience)

 Lindsay woke up saying, "WooHoo! It's the day I am getting my braces!!"
Everyone in the office knew how much she was looking forward to this day!
She laid right down (on the same chair that Shae and Anna both got their braces put on) and didn't move a muscle!  Dr. Gus would ask her if she was doing okay and she answered, "uh huh" every time.  When he asked if she needed a break, she shook her head no!
He kept telling her that if ALL his patients were as easy and sweet as her, he wouldn't have any grey hair!
 Dora came along for moral support.
 So did Daddy.

I told Scott that I would be fine taking her by myself, but he kept telling me that she could go into "freak out mode" in no time, so he came down from camp to hold his girl's hand. <3
I was so glad he was there because he got the biggest kick out of how she acted!  She was tickled to death about her new braces with the "blue ties that match her blue cast (which she later told me she picked because it is Daddy's favorite color.)
We couldn't stop laughing at her as she  looked in the hand held mirror!  She could NOT stop looking at herself!  She was so so so happy.....

until this morning when she cried and told me "I want these things off!"  
uh oh.
Tylenol to the rescue!

Monday, June 27, 2011

24 Years Ago Today...

 24 years ago today....
 I married the man who would prove to be the *best* friend I have ever had, my godly leader,  my most loyal supporter, my biggest fan, the father of my children, the owner of my heart.
 What a fun journey we have had!
AND...being married in the late 80's left LOTS of room for "fashion improvement"!!
(I honestly thought I was the cat's meow in this "going away" dress! Bahaha)

I am so blessed to have this wonderful man to travel this journey with!

Happy Anniversary Scott!  I'd marry you all over again!  I Love You!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

San Fransisco, Pink Cast and a Couple of Teeth

 Summer is in FULL SWING!  We finally got some warmer  (hot) weather which made for a beautiful day in San Fransisco when Shae and I took Kayla back to the airport after her visit.  We hit all the popular tourist locations in one day.  It was windy and borderline COLD in the city, but we had a wonderful day!
 We HAD TO take Kayla for an over-priced sundae at Ghiradelli's!  Yum!
 And, the "Bush Man" is a must!  This guy sits on a crate and hides behind these "bushes" and then when people walk by, he scares the daylights out of them!  After a few people get so scared as they walk by and their soda flies up in the air (and a crowd has formed), he passes his can around to collect "donations for the entertainment".  He is probably a millionaire.  It is pretty funny though, well worth the $2  I gave him.
 We rode the fun Cable Cars to Union Square and the girls were brave enough to ride along the outside while I sat comfortably behind them as they blocked the cold wind.  It was a glorious day, so clear and beautiful!
 The Boudin Bakery is a must if you like clam chowder....and the most scrumptious sourdough bread EVER!
 Shae hated to see Kayla go, but Kayla had a missions trip to go on and Shae has camp for the summer.  What a fun way to start a summer, showing your Chicago friend another beautiful "windy" city!

Lindsay Leigh
 Well, we got some good news when we went back to the orthopaedic doctor.  He said Lindsay will NOT need surgery to repair her ankle if she will stay off of it for 3 weeks!  I am still deciding if I think this is good news or not.  I honestly cannot imagine her staying off of that cast for 3 weeks, and if she is off of it,  who takes her from place to place???????
I will let you guess the answer to that one, and I will give you a hint...

Lindsay was THRILLED to choose a pink cast...thrilled!
 She needed a little help keeping her foot in the right position and this was the only time since her fall that I heard her say anything about it hurting! She told the cast man, "it hurts when my foot is like this".  She seemed to get used to it and hasn't said a word since.  :)
 She has admired the color of that cast so many times and can't wait to get to camp so "everyone can sign it!"

As if the broken ankle wasn't enough, Lindsay had to have 6 teeth pulled yesterday!  Because of her heart issues, her cardiologist always makes her have anything done in the hospital if it involves her being put to sleep. (I am so thankful for careful doctors) 
She was excited to get the teeth removed so she can get her braces later this month :)
 We got to the hospital at about 8 am.  I am so grateful that Lindsay doesn't completely understand things sometimes because it makes things less stressful for her. 
 All the pre-op nurses just fell in love with her.  No surprise there, she is so sweet, innocent and precious.
 It took her a long time to come out of her anesthesia this time.  Her blood pressure stayed up all afternoon, so they moved her into a pediatric room until it was under control, which took all afternoon.
There were tears because her mouth hurt and especially when they tried to remove her IV, because the tape was so sticky.  Poor baby.
Good thing she had her trust little puppy that Shae bought her at Ikea.  When she woke up, that puppy had the doctor's mask on it!
By the time we got home, Miss "Talks a Lot" was back to herself.  She ate everything that she could get her hands on and slept all night long with those humongous "shark teeth" under her pillow.
This morning she was thrilled to see that the tooth fairy had left her a new Dora book and movie AND had left the teeth for her to share!
"Mommy, wasn't that so nice of her to do that?" was all she said.

Brave, sweet girl right there!

Over the last week, God has reminded me of how easy I really DO have it.  It's like a little glimpse into "what could have been" with my special needs child.  I am VERY thankful that Lindsay can get around on her own.  Oh the things I take for granted when I focus on (myself) the things that I think are hard.

"It is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not.  They are new every morning:  great is thy faithfulness."
Lamentations 3:22-23

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Anna Fay!

 Today this fun loving little girl turns 12!
 I don't know where the years have gone.  It seems as though you were born yesterday, Anna.  You were a little bitty 6 lb. 12oz. baby with some BIG lungs!  You were considerate of others even on the day you were born, your sisters BOTH decided to be born in the middle of the night.  Not you!  You gave us a full night's sleep AND gave me ALL day to get showered and fixed, then at 2:48pm. you made your grand entrance into this world!
 Lindsay didn't quite understand "what" you were...
 But her love and adoration for you was quickly recognized!!
 Our family was complete when you arrived. 
 Thank you for being such a precious part of our family.  YOU are the reason Lindsay can talk, I am sure.  You constantly helped her make the proper sounds to form her words as she struggled to talk,  you changed her diapers, washed her in the bathtub, read books to her and loved her without reserve.
 God KNEW I needed YOU to help me through this life.  You have to be the most thoughtful, patient and giving person I know.  The notes you leave for me almost always make me cry!
 You are kind to everyone and include everyone!
 You are loyal and precious!
I love you more than words can express!  I am so proud to be your Mom.  I hope you have a wonderful birthday and a fantastic first year in Jr. High!

"The LORD has done this and it is marvelous in our eyes!"
Mark 12:11

Friday, June 10, 2011

"I Guess 'Fwip Fwops' Weren't the Best Choice"

 We finally made it up to camp for the summer.  It has been a VERY busy 2 weeks with the end of school and the start of camp, so the girls were thrilled when it was finally time to drive up that mountain!
I went to the airport in San Fransisco to pick up Kayla, Shae's friend from Liberty,  so I was gone when little Miss Flip Flops did this:
 She thought she was all the way down the stairs in the Lodge at camp, but, there was one more step...and one slippery flip flop!
I got up to camp late Wednesday night and peeked under the covers at Lindsay's swollen ankle.  Poor baby! By the time she woke up it was bruising and still swollen, so down the hill I drove to see our family doctor.  Dr. Mu sent us to MD Imaging for an x-ray...
 and it was VERY hard to keep that little ankle still for the "pictures" but,  we finally got some good ones.  We waited a few minutes and the tech came out and whispered, "yep, it's broken!"
So, we drove back over to our doctor's office for a cast. 
He looked at Lindsay's x-rays and said he wouldn't cast it because the break was very "unusual" and went through her growth plate and joint and he thought she needed surgery. awesome.
 He then sent us to an orthopedist.  Thank goodness for the xylophone app on my phone!   Lindsay (and my little helper Anna too) was a trooper all day long going from one place to another (while they were VERY hungry!!)  Dr. Chang did another x-ray and confirmed the seriousness of the break.  He agreed with Dr. Mu that it looks like Lindsay's ankle will need to be operated on!  (of course it would...)  He ordered a CT scan after getting a second opinion from another doctor.  In the meantime,  he had a temporary cast put on Lindsay's foot.  
At least she is looking forward to having a PINK cast next week!
 We are trying to keep Lindsay off of her foot and to keep it elevated. not so easy.  Baths are quite a workout for me.  By the end of the summer I should have six pack abs and 2 awesome arms!!!
 Daddy came to town to run a few errands, so we met him for dinner.  Lindsay was SO happy to see him and tell him all about how still she was during the x-rays. :)
 This morning we went back to MD Imaging for the CT scan.  I took one look at that very narrow table you have to lay on and I thought she would NEVER do it.  They strapped her on with a big velcro strap and they let me wear a big, heavy lead vest and stay with her.  Once again, Lindsay surprised me.  What a brave girl! 
 While Anna, Lindsay and I were waiting.  Lindsay quietly said, "I guess fwip fwops weren't the best choice" and Anna and I just laughed and laughed!
After all the waiting and medical procedures and exams, we met up with Shae and Kayla for a little walk on the Sundial Bridge over the Sacramento River.  The fresh air and sunshine was a nice treat after a long two days.  
Lindsay is having some teeth pulled (at the hospital) next Wednesday in preparation for her braces which she is very exited about.   Thursday we get the results, along with the plan of action for her ankle.  I am praying that the teeth pulling is the only surgery she will have to endure!
What a reminder that God is in charge, and I am not!  I am suddenly so thankful for Lindsay's "regular mobility" (limited as it is) now that she is not mobile on her own.  Scott also pointed out that we have  a legally blind (semi-klutzy) child  just NOW with her first broken bone at 13!!

Happy Summer! Water proof cast (we hope) here we come!

Our theme verse this summer at camp is so appropriate for ME!

"I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord.  They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope."
Jeremiah 29:11
{Thanks for the reminder, Lord}

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Roses and Rust

 Last Saturday there was an event at a local barn that was Redding's little version of  "Farm Chicks". 
It was called Roses and Rust and 
I went early in the morning with two of the Lassen Pines girls, Jenn and Brittney.
We were so excited when we pulled up and saw how cute everything looked!!
 There were horses in the pasture welcoming everyone :)
 And there were SO MANY things to see!
We didn't mind the constant rain at all.
 This property is a popular wedding site and every inch of it was adorable.  Look at this darling little house!

We had a wonderful time and getting there at 8am was the BEST got pretty crowded and it poured down rain later in the day! 
We didn't buy much, but we got a zillion ideas and we kept saying, "how cute!" "we can totally make that!"