Friday, June 3, 2011

The Little Things in Life

 These last few weeks have been so busy, I can hardly wait to get to camp and just slow down!  
While school was still in session (and I had my days free!) I made GOOD use of the time!  My mother in law and I went to a big sale at the store we love, House of Design,  down in Red Bluff.  On my way to pick her up that morning, I had stopped at a HUGE "garage sale" at the Lutheran church.  I saw some *brand new* clear dishes (a WHOLE set with 20 place settings!!) for CHEAP and I told Dottie about them.
 Much to my surprise, she wanted to STOP and see if they were still there! (they were in a Land's End box with the address of the people who had donated them~SWANKY neighborhood!!)  Dottie doesn't love garage sales, so this was BIG!  How HILARIOUS is this picture of Dottie....with a SHOPPING CART, loading up our goods!? (this was the only garage sale I have ever been to that got a grocery store to donate carts for the!)  We found the set of dishes AND a whole bunch of those clear glass "snack set" plates that have punch cups with them for ONE DOLLAR a BOX!!
 When the worship leader from the church was loading the car for us, we kept saying, "Oh, gosh, we are in TROUBLE if Gordon or Scott drive by!"  Bahahahahahahaha!!
 This summer we are getting 30 new Go-Karts at camp (from our friend in Lynchburg!) They are being brought over by truck a few at a time.  The truck goes to Reno, Nevada so Scott has gone twice on pick ups and I have gone with him! (love having my college girl home to babysit!)  What a lovely drive it is over the mountain!  It has been so unseasonably cold here the last few weeks, it  actually snowed both times we went!
 We stayed CHEAP at The Peppermill.  The rooms in Reno are VERY over the top and super afforable...I guess so people will come and blow all their money in the smoke filled casinos.
 I could get used to a big TV in the bathroom!
 The food is pretty yummy there too!  Scott had crepes one morning and it inspired him to make some when he got home.   I think HIS were even better!
 In an effort to have a little family time before we lost two of our family members to camp for the summer, we went to a very fun local event, The Happy Valley Strawberry Festival.  Scott used to take his draft horses and wagon each year and give rides at this even and I would come out and spend the day with Shae and ride around until he was finished.  Fun Memories, but I am glad we don't have horses anymore...they are A LOT of work.
 We had some lunch  (it was f r e e z i n g that day!)
 We looked around at all the booths.  The girls got these ping pong shooting guns (which I will be showing to my dad when he gets here so he can make me some for cousin gifts),
 we watched this man make the most amazing kettle corn. ( My friend Susie can make kettle corn and hers is equally delicious!)
 It smelled so delicious and was warm on a cold day.
The strawberry shortcake is scrumptious and the servings are enormous, but it's one of those things that you just gotta do!

 Daddy and his girls <3

 This little girl is the ONLY one of us that could finish the WHOLE thing!! 
We had a wonderful time and I am so glad we had a fun day together since I have been by myself with the two school girls this whole week.


Grace Meeker said...

OH MY GOSH....those strawberry shortcakes looks mouth is watering!!!

Julie said...

The strawberry festival is on my Redding bucket list. Grew up around here and have never been. Thanks for sharing!