Friday, June 10, 2011

"I Guess 'Fwip Fwops' Weren't the Best Choice"

 We finally made it up to camp for the summer.  It has been a VERY busy 2 weeks with the end of school and the start of camp, so the girls were thrilled when it was finally time to drive up that mountain!
I went to the airport in San Fransisco to pick up Kayla, Shae's friend from Liberty,  so I was gone when little Miss Flip Flops did this:
 She thought she was all the way down the stairs in the Lodge at camp, but, there was one more step...and one slippery flip flop!
I got up to camp late Wednesday night and peeked under the covers at Lindsay's swollen ankle.  Poor baby! By the time she woke up it was bruising and still swollen, so down the hill I drove to see our family doctor.  Dr. Mu sent us to MD Imaging for an x-ray...
 and it was VERY hard to keep that little ankle still for the "pictures" but,  we finally got some good ones.  We waited a few minutes and the tech came out and whispered, "yep, it's broken!"
So, we drove back over to our doctor's office for a cast. 
He looked at Lindsay's x-rays and said he wouldn't cast it because the break was very "unusual" and went through her growth plate and joint and he thought she needed surgery. awesome.
 He then sent us to an orthopedist.  Thank goodness for the xylophone app on my phone!   Lindsay (and my little helper Anna too) was a trooper all day long going from one place to another (while they were VERY hungry!!)  Dr. Chang did another x-ray and confirmed the seriousness of the break.  He agreed with Dr. Mu that it looks like Lindsay's ankle will need to be operated on!  (of course it would...)  He ordered a CT scan after getting a second opinion from another doctor.  In the meantime,  he had a temporary cast put on Lindsay's foot.  
At least she is looking forward to having a PINK cast next week!
 We are trying to keep Lindsay off of her foot and to keep it elevated. not so easy.  Baths are quite a workout for me.  By the end of the summer I should have six pack abs and 2 awesome arms!!!
 Daddy came to town to run a few errands, so we met him for dinner.  Lindsay was SO happy to see him and tell him all about how still she was during the x-rays. :)
 This morning we went back to MD Imaging for the CT scan.  I took one look at that very narrow table you have to lay on and I thought she would NEVER do it.  They strapped her on with a big velcro strap and they let me wear a big, heavy lead vest and stay with her.  Once again, Lindsay surprised me.  What a brave girl! 
 While Anna, Lindsay and I were waiting.  Lindsay quietly said, "I guess fwip fwops weren't the best choice" and Anna and I just laughed and laughed!
After all the waiting and medical procedures and exams, we met up with Shae and Kayla for a little walk on the Sundial Bridge over the Sacramento River.  The fresh air and sunshine was a nice treat after a long two days.  
Lindsay is having some teeth pulled (at the hospital) next Wednesday in preparation for her braces which she is very exited about.   Thursday we get the results, along with the plan of action for her ankle.  I am praying that the teeth pulling is the only surgery she will have to endure!
What a reminder that God is in charge, and I am not!  I am suddenly so thankful for Lindsay's "regular mobility" (limited as it is) now that she is not mobile on her own.  Scott also pointed out that we have  a legally blind (semi-klutzy) child  just NOW with her first broken bone at 13!!

Happy Summer! Water proof cast (we hope) here we come!

Our theme verse this summer at camp is so appropriate for ME!

"I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord.  They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope."
Jeremiah 29:11
{Thanks for the reminder, Lord}

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