Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Time...?

 This girl has turned into a Jr. Higher...7th grade {and a LOCKER!!!} here we come!!
 And this girl is now an 8th grader!
 The other grandparents have FINALLY arrived for summer at camp!  My little 80 year old mother fell off her bike 2 months ago (her basket was full of the hats she knits for cancer patients and she was carrying a big stick (?!!!!? ) to display them on when the stick got caught in her bike's spokes!  She ended up with a cracked pelvis!!  She has healed nicely and can climb the stairs to their apartment at camp just fine! Phew!
 My dad was so happy to see his favorite college girl! 
Now, for the girls and I to get ourselves ready to get up to camp.  I have cleaned out every closet in this house and have finished all my ironing!  Tomorrow we are keeping the boys for Uncle Brad and Aunt Beckie for a little while AND it was still freezing cold and rainy today,
 so my little "baker" got busy trying a new and fun cupcake recipe for her cousins to snack on tomorrow!
 It was so easy!  She mixed a white cake mix as directed and then divided it into six equal portions.  Then she mixed in the colors she wanted to use.
 She put a spoonful of each color into each cupcake liner and then baked them.
 She frosted and "sprinkled" them....
And they were delicious AND adorable!!

                                          Happy Summer!!


Amy said...

OMG....tell Anna I LOVE those cupcakes & MUST try them! They look so summery & fun!

Julie said...

Loved Anna's cupcakes. Have a great summer at camp!!

Christy said...

These pics of camp make me want to go back!! I truly love that place. :) Hope you all have a wonderful summer. My bro will be leading worship there one week (not sure the date) and I would LOVE to come but the cost is just too much right now. Give everyone my love!!