Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ankle Update and A Tin Grin

 This week has been a very busy...and expensive one! 
Lindsay had another appointment with the ankle doctor to get her pink cast sawed off, another x-ray and a new cast.  
Dr. Chang was VERY pleased with the way her ankle is healing, so he said 2 more weeks in a cast and she will be done!! ( I have the back and neck pain to PROVE that she has been staying off of her foot!) He also allowed her to have a  boot that fits over the cast so she can walk on it now!  Ya-Hooooooooooo!!
 After hearing all day about how she was going to choose a purple cast this time, she told Mike, the master cast-maker, to give her a blue one.  Huh?!!
 The very next morning, was Lindsay's much anticipated appointment to get her braces on.  I NEVER expected that this would ever be a possibility for her since our dentist (and Scott) told me that "putting braces on a child like her just buys trouble sometimes".  She is 13 years old and has ZERO cavities, so he said that braces will make it harder for us to keep her teeth that way.  Scott always said straight teeth didn't really matter for a child like her. :(  

I told his mom that he said that.

Well, it is MY opinion (and my mother-in-law's opinion too) that Lindsay SHOULD have straight teeth like he sisters (and we think it is, perhaps, even MORE important for HER!)
I will admit that in the past it has been a challenge to take her to the dentist because she didn't want to cooperate.  She almost NEVER tolerated the cleaning to the end and never the flouride treatment.
But, this girl just amazes us all the time and for the last 4 or 5 cleanings, has done every.single.part. and has been able to be in the big room with all the other patients (not the "special" room for trouble makers children who require more patience)

 Lindsay woke up saying, "WooHoo! It's the day I am getting my braces!!"
Everyone in the office knew how much she was looking forward to this day!
She laid right down (on the same chair that Shae and Anna both got their braces put on) and didn't move a muscle!  Dr. Gus would ask her if she was doing okay and she answered, "uh huh" every time.  When he asked if she needed a break, she shook her head no!
He kept telling her that if ALL his patients were as easy and sweet as her, he wouldn't have any grey hair!
 Dora came along for moral support.
 So did Daddy.

I told Scott that I would be fine taking her by myself, but he kept telling me that she could go into "freak out mode" in no time, so he came down from camp to hold his girl's hand. <3
I was so glad he was there because he got the biggest kick out of how she acted!  She was tickled to death about her new braces with the "blue ties that match her blue cast (which she later told me she picked because it is Daddy's favorite color.)
We couldn't stop laughing at her as she  looked in the hand held mirror!  She could NOT stop looking at herself!  She was so so so happy.....

until this morning when she cried and told me "I want these things off!"  
uh oh.
Tylenol to the rescue!

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Hanarie123 said...

A little tip for when she has to get her braces maintenance is take a plain-reliever before she goes into the office, just incase there is any inflamation and her teeth and gums are more comfortable when she goes home.

A friend in school gave my mom and I this tip before I got my braces and it made life a bit easier...