Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Chocolate or White?"

Lindsay has been talking about how it is her week to "work" in the cafeteria. She LOVES it because she earns an ice cream bar!
Here she is with her beloved Papa. (we watched her do her job before letting her know we were there! It was adorable!)

We watched her while she ate her lunch with her classmates, it is so cute how social she is! Scott is always amazed when she crosses her legs. He says that it just must be in a little girl's genes to do so-even a girl with a damaged brain!

*By the way, we recently had a conference at her school with all the people who work with her-vision, OT, PT, speech, etc. The school psychologist was there and had tested Lindsay and told us that her scores qualified her as retarded. Huh? You.Are.Kidding. Duh! It was so funny when we were "joking" with her about it, she didn't quite know what to think of us!! It's not like we didn't figure that out already (i mean she is just getting the potty training perfected and she is 11!) But, no one has ever used that term either, they usually say "developmentally delayed", but like Scott said, "she ain't catching up!" Shae even says stuff like "C'mon, "Special", it is time to go..." We assured her that the term doesn't bother us. (okay, honestly it does bother me a little since she actually got sick when she was 8mo. old and her heart failed leaving her brain "injured" because of the lack of oxygenated blood, so I just "explain" her by saying that she has a brain injury).
The funny thing about her test results was that she scored in the 50's and 60's in most areas (70 and below being considered retarded) well, guess who scored a 91 in the social category??!! Of ALL the areas to be "normal" that is the one I would choose! Woo Hoo!!
Here she is saying "Have a nice day" after asking "chocolate or white?"
Lindsay's aide had to help her a lot, and some kids just reached in to get their own milk, but she loved.every.minute.
When the kids were through the line, Scott went up to her and said "I will have chocolate, please". She didn't know what to think! When she realized we were all there she got a little embarrassed and turned red! (and wasn't really going to cooperate for pictures!!)
What a blessing to see our girl being included in even the little things in life and being so well cared for and loved by so many at her public school! (It was almost as cute as when she was chosen as Student of the Month and had to stand in front of the whole school with her certificate...and it was upside down!)
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Monday, April 27, 2009

Marine World with High Schoolers...

My friend Stacy and I somehow got talked into "driving" for a field trip to Six Flags-Marine World in Vallejo (3 hour drive). Last year we drove too, but, we dropped the kids off then picked them up after a day of lunch, shopping and a movie!! This year we had to stay in the park from 10 am to 8pm!!!!!!
Here are the kids in my car...singing at the top of their lungs. (funny thing, on the way home there was not a peep-EVERYONE went to sleep! Thanks a lot, I had to sing to myself to stay awake!)
I think it is so funny how they know where the cameras are while they are on the rides, and they pose! Hello! I would be concentrating on hanging on (and I am sure I would look skeeered too!).
Taking time out for a funnel cake! (seriously, after all those loopy rides???)
OH, yeah, guess the "Hammer Head" is not the ride to go on after those "yummy" funnel cakes!
Stacy and I had to do something with the 10 HOURS we spent in the park (besides hold the kids' cell phones and backpacks while they were on rides) so we saw the killer whale show!
Eating dinner at 9pm, sure they look lively, but they were all sound asleep 15 minutes down the road!

It was a fun day, even though Stacy and I didn't get to shop. We did some serious people watching, and got to hang out with some pretty cool kids!
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Thursday, April 23, 2009


Spring is my 2nd favorite season (Fall is my very favorite!), I love the weather, the breeze, the smells and the "hope" that Spring ushers in!
...and so are the roses! Spring means so many wonderful things are at hand...
and one of those things is getting "Camp" ready for 100's of campers who will, prayerfully, find or return to Christ! So, don't be surprised when you come over and there is a John Deere Tractor parked in front of MY house, waiting to be tuned up so it can get back to work!

It's all part of "Spring" around here!
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Sunday, April 19, 2009

In Case of Emergency: Bring Anna

If I ever have an emergency, THIS is who I want with me!
Scott and Anna went on a hike to Crystal Creek Falls near Whiskeytown Lake on Saturday. They saw the beautiful water falls and even swam in the freezing snow melt water!

I called them to check in and inquire about plans for them to pick up pizza on the way home. Scott said he would check with Anna (which I thought was a little strange..they were in the car driving already) . About 30 seconds later Anna called me back and said they would be coming RIGHT home and when I asked why, she said she would tell me when she got home. A few minutes later in walked Anna. She told me calmly (but I could hear the quivering in her voice and see tears in her eyes) that "Daddy had slipped and bumped his head and she wanted him to go to the hospital because he doesn't know what the date is."

He had slipped on a rock, fallen {hard} onto his shoulder and then hit the side of his forehead where he had a HUGE bump and his leg was bleeding! He blacked out for a few seconds! Anna said that she tried to call to him several times but he was lying on his stomach with his legs in the water and his torso on the rock! When she got him up, he was disoriented so she helped him back to the car he said he was okay but asked her if "this was the way back to the road" (which confirmed to her that he was not himself).

He walked in the house and I could tell he was out of it, he didn't know the current date and didn't remember falling (he still doesn't). He said he felt "fuzzy". He doesn't remember driving home either..and Anna said she had to tell him to turn around once because he was going the wrong direction! I called his Mom to tell her about it and his Dad was here in just a few minutes to take him to the ER, where they did a cat scan and gave him a tetanus shot. What a smart girl to be asking questions to access the situation. She asked if he knew his birthday, who his kids were, where we lived and some other questions. She told me she kept thinking about "the lady who was skiing". I couldn't figure out what she was talking about....then I remembered Natasha Richardson!!! She thought she was alright after a fall on the slopes! THAT is why I called his parents! I KNEW he wouldn't argue with his Dad! Good thing, too, he found out he has a BAD concussion!!

My poor girl. She has carried a lot of worries in her life so far. Comes with the territory when you have a sister that has special needs. God certainly gave us a gift when He sent our "unexpected blessing".

Anna, I am so proud of you! You were calm and helpful when I know you were very scared.
You are my hero!

Earlier in the week, we all received invitations to a special breakfast at "Anna's Famous Breakfast Cafe".
After Anna was asleep we saw the counter-she was so organized!

The next morning we feasted on scrambled eggs, pancakes and yummy blueberry muffins that she made all by herself. What a lovely table greeted us! Too bad her two sisters were still sleeping and missed out!!
*guess we know who will be caring for us and Lindsay in our old age!

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Huntington Beach

We {LOVE} Huntington Beach! What a clean and beautiful city! The kids were so excited to try surfing again, so we got them all wet-suited up and rented the boards.
Cooper, Anna, Jackson and Hannah were in the water almost all day....Brrrr the water was sooo cold! But the sun was warm and comforting! (the building on the end of the pier is a fuuuun place to eat..Ruby's has the best milkshakes!)

Averi was brave on the boogie long as it was on the sand!

Scott and his brother, Barry fought the rough surf hard for hours to try to stand all the way up and ride a wave, but the surf was very rough!

Jackson and Hannah

Brady contemplating the water!

Boogie boards are the MOST fun!!

Papa assisted with the surfing and boogie boarding by holding the small hands to help them get through the rough breaking water.

Lindsay loves her Daddy (and asks LOTS of questions!)

What could be better than delicious pizza on the beach!
We had such a fun day at the beach and we topped it off with shopping and ice cream on the pier. Love those sidewalk sales!! We would have loved to spend another day or two on the beach, but reality called and we had to come home!

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Break Disneyland

What a fun week! Our family from Texas met us in Orange County, California to spend a few days at Disneyland, California Adventure and the beach!
Here we are in front of the Disney version of the Golden Gate Bridge in "California Adventure".

Anna and Aunt Stephanie

Here is the "Luff, party of 17" (minus the grandparents and Aunt Laurie who came later...and me-I took the picture, they began the day annoyed with me and my desire for pictures!) Notice the "L" from the word "California", and our last name starts with that letter.....*they were annoyed* but, how cute-and BTW they ALL wanted to use my memory card to load MY pictures to their computers!!

Shae and her BFF Jackson, seriously, isn't he the CUTEST boy???

Sully was one of the FEW characters we saw.

Barry, Stephanie and the cutest twins I know, Brady and Averi.

Aunt Lisa and Lindsay after driving the cars in Autopia..Lindsay drove Daddy around the course, but was turned around to look at Anna behind her most of the ride!

Lindsay's favorite ride EVER- she rode about 15 times, and the nice man running the Merry- Go -Round didn't make her get off in between rides!

The brave Tea Cup riders...just watching this made me a little sick!

Space Mountain- Stephanie, Barry, Laurie, Anna, Hannah, Cooper, Jackson and Shae.

Poor Grandma was so sick! Pneumonia!!! She got a shot and some anti-biotics and was able to enjoy a little bit of the day!
BUT, the BEST part of this trip was celebrating Hannah's 8th birthday...and when she got home she asked Jesus into her heart!! What a way to end a family vacation!! Praise the Lord, HE has another child!!
We were so blessed that our family would take the time and spend the money to come meet us for the week! THANKYOU ALL for making the effort so all of our children will always know each other and have a special relationship!
*stay tuned for more Spring Break pictures!!

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