Sunday, April 19, 2009

In Case of Emergency: Bring Anna

If I ever have an emergency, THIS is who I want with me!
Scott and Anna went on a hike to Crystal Creek Falls near Whiskeytown Lake on Saturday. They saw the beautiful water falls and even swam in the freezing snow melt water!

I called them to check in and inquire about plans for them to pick up pizza on the way home. Scott said he would check with Anna (which I thought was a little strange..they were in the car driving already) . About 30 seconds later Anna called me back and said they would be coming RIGHT home and when I asked why, she said she would tell me when she got home. A few minutes later in walked Anna. She told me calmly (but I could hear the quivering in her voice and see tears in her eyes) that "Daddy had slipped and bumped his head and she wanted him to go to the hospital because he doesn't know what the date is."

He had slipped on a rock, fallen {hard} onto his shoulder and then hit the side of his forehead where he had a HUGE bump and his leg was bleeding! He blacked out for a few seconds! Anna said that she tried to call to him several times but he was lying on his stomach with his legs in the water and his torso on the rock! When she got him up, he was disoriented so she helped him back to the car he said he was okay but asked her if "this was the way back to the road" (which confirmed to her that he was not himself).

He walked in the house and I could tell he was out of it, he didn't know the current date and didn't remember falling (he still doesn't). He said he felt "fuzzy". He doesn't remember driving home either..and Anna said she had to tell him to turn around once because he was going the wrong direction! I called his Mom to tell her about it and his Dad was here in just a few minutes to take him to the ER, where they did a cat scan and gave him a tetanus shot. What a smart girl to be asking questions to access the situation. She asked if he knew his birthday, who his kids were, where we lived and some other questions. She told me she kept thinking about "the lady who was skiing". I couldn't figure out what she was talking about....then I remembered Natasha Richardson!!! She thought she was alright after a fall on the slopes! THAT is why I called his parents! I KNEW he wouldn't argue with his Dad! Good thing, too, he found out he has a BAD concussion!!

My poor girl. She has carried a lot of worries in her life so far. Comes with the territory when you have a sister that has special needs. God certainly gave us a gift when He sent our "unexpected blessing".

Anna, I am so proud of you! You were calm and helpful when I know you were very scared.
You are my hero!

Earlier in the week, we all received invitations to a special breakfast at "Anna's Famous Breakfast Cafe".
After Anna was asleep we saw the counter-she was so organized!

The next morning we feasted on scrambled eggs, pancakes and yummy blueberry muffins that she made all by herself. What a lovely table greeted us! Too bad her two sisters were still sleeping and missed out!!
*guess we know who will be caring for us and Lindsay in our old age!

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Xazmin said...

Wow...what a scary experience. You're right to be proud of how she handled the situation.

I hope your husband is feeling well again soon.

Kristi said...

How scary! You tell Anna we all think she is the smartest, bravest girl ever. I am impressed that she had it so together at her age. I'm glad your husband is going to be OK but I'm glad he went to the hospital and got checked out.

And to top it all off.....she cooks too!!!! That Anna is one special girl.

Julie said...

What maturity Anna showed at her young age. She's a special, special girl -- but what did we expect -- her Dad and Mom are very special people!

P.S. Inger, I sure enjoy reading your blog!

Nikki said...

Good job Anna! What responsible and mature girl. Hope Scott is OK. That is scary.

And the breakfast looked yummy. You need to send that girl my way for a few weeks. I would love to have someone make breakfast for me.

Catching up on your older posts. looks like you all had a fun time on vacation. I love how close your family is and that your kids get to spend vacations with their cousins! Good memories!

Jennifer said...

Inger, that was so scary just reading it! I'm surprised he was able to actually drive a car home safely. Way to go, Anna! And she cooks too...she's going to make some man a really good wife one day!

Love the beach and the spring break pictures! Seriously, California is one of the prettiest places ever. Too bad it's so dang liberal. :)

Kim said...

What a weekend! Happy that Scott is OK and that you went and got him checked him out at the hospital. Anna is amazing, tell her she rocks!

Cissie said...

Wow, your Anna is one special little lady! How old is she? She knew exactly what to do! Amazing!

And then she is a cook on top of that! You go Anna! I don't know her, but I can tell she has a special giving heart!

Denise said...

Oh my goodness! What a special girl! What a brave girl! Bless her heart. Inger you and your husband have done a great job raising her.

I hope things are all back to normal.

Donna said...

Yes, Bless her little heart!!! That had to have been scary to watch happen. She is a smartie. How nice that she is calm in serious situations. Maybe she'll be a doctor one day or have some profession where being calm is a necessity?!

How sweet that she made breakfast, too. Inger, ALL of your girls are so great:)

Dolly said...

WOW! I'm just catching up on your blog and can't believe that happened to your husband. How is he now? I bet they will have a special bond between them after she helped him so much. What a sweet girl and I'm sure you're all so proud of her. I agree, you've done great with your girls!

Momofgirls said...

He is back to normal...I did "try" to "remind" him that he said I could get a new purse.....hahaha He DID NOT fall for it!

I guess Anna is mature because of spending her whole life "looking out" for Lindsay at Sunday school and other places!!

At this stage of the game I am 2nd to Daddy, but I don't mind.....much

Angela said...

Inger, how scary! I'm so glad he was with Anna and not his little nephew! Unbelievable! Way to go Anna!

And looking at that breakfast is making me hungry! Yummm!

I'm so glad you guys had such a great time on spring break!

You are raising such wonderful girls! Do you think you could have another one. Because my boys aren't really old enough for any of the girls you have now. But if you have another one, they would be the perfect age for my Tyson or Tyler! You would do that for a blog friend, wouldn't you?