Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Break Disneyland

What a fun week! Our family from Texas met us in Orange County, California to spend a few days at Disneyland, California Adventure and the beach!
Here we are in front of the Disney version of the Golden Gate Bridge in "California Adventure".

Anna and Aunt Stephanie

Here is the "Luff, party of 17" (minus the grandparents and Aunt Laurie who came later...and me-I took the picture, they began the day annoyed with me and my desire for pictures!) Notice the "L" from the word "California", and our last name starts with that letter.....*they were annoyed* but, how cute-and BTW they ALL wanted to use my memory card to load MY pictures to their computers!!

Shae and her BFF Jackson, seriously, isn't he the CUTEST boy???

Sully was one of the FEW characters we saw.

Barry, Stephanie and the cutest twins I know, Brady and Averi.

Aunt Lisa and Lindsay after driving the cars in Autopia..Lindsay drove Daddy around the course, but was turned around to look at Anna behind her most of the ride!

Lindsay's favorite ride EVER- she rode about 15 times, and the nice man running the Merry- Go -Round didn't make her get off in between rides!

The brave Tea Cup riders...just watching this made me a little sick!

Space Mountain- Stephanie, Barry, Laurie, Anna, Hannah, Cooper, Jackson and Shae.

Poor Grandma was so sick! Pneumonia!!! She got a shot and some anti-biotics and was able to enjoy a little bit of the day!
BUT, the BEST part of this trip was celebrating Hannah's 8th birthday...and when she got home she asked Jesus into her heart!! What a way to end a family vacation!! Praise the Lord, HE has another child!!
We were so blessed that our family would take the time and spend the money to come meet us for the week! THANKYOU ALL for making the effort so all of our children will always know each other and have a special relationship!
*stay tuned for more Spring Break pictures!!

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Kim said...

You were at my favorite place! I'll try not to be too jealous. So glad that it was fun, fun, fun!

Living for Him said...

Hey Inger!
Happy to hear ya'll had fun in Disneyland! :) Bummer than Spring Break is almost over... but am glad it was fun-filled and joyous!!!!

Donna said...

What a fun vacation! Disney is the ultimate family vaction for reunions like this. It makes everyone so happy:)

I love all the pictures. I think it's cute that Lindsey rode the carousel 15 times! Wasn't she dizzy? And I love that your niece got saved on her bday. How sweet!

Denise said...

Another GREAT post! (I just read the one above this one.)

One day we Logan's are gonna get to Disneyland!

All the pictures are great. And what a happy memorable day for sweet Hannah! I know you are all so happy.

Kristi said...

How fun!!! The Luff's really know how to do Spring Break. I love all the pictures. I tell ya, Stephanie and Barry's twins are His and Hers. Brady is a Thompson and Avery is a Luff. I also read the beach post. I am green with envy. It looked like an absolute blast!!!! Great post, Inger!!!