Sunday, May 27, 2012

Spring 2012

 I have neglected my blog for quite a while, I know.   But I have not been sitting idle.  I have spent more hours than I can even count in this room...back left corner is my favorite bike!
 I also rode a real life bike a couple of times with this handsome (skinny) guy! I didn't even crash into anyone OR fall off!!
 I was a spectator as Scott ran his Triathlon....don't know if I will ever try THAT, something about hoisting myself out of the pool and then RIDING A BIKE in my swimsuit.  I.think.not.
 Scott, his Dad and Joseph spent many days at camp remodeling the cabin bathrooms, I am not sure they are finished yet either.  One thing always leads to another...
 We discovered that Lindsay can finally steer her bike!  It was so fun to watch her ride around the park!
 Anna and I stayed back a ways, I can't imagine why she seemed embarrassed as Lindsay shouted "WooHoo!!!!" the whole time! 
 Love these treasures <3
 Maeghan saved the day for me when Hunger Games came out in the theater.  Anna informed me that "you canNOT see the movie until you have read the book!"  So, since I have NOT read the book and Shae was in Virginia, Maeghan came to the rescue!
 We took a little trip to Six Flags during Spring Break (thanks to our friend in Texas who hooked us up with some free tickets!)
 We left Lindsay with Grandma and Papa and brought Chloe (smart move for US- we didn't have to ride the rides and feel sick all day!)
 I could have watched this ride ALL DAY LONG.  There is a place for spectators to pay a quarter and squirt the people as they rode by( you can see the red "hoses" in the foreground)!  People were there with ROLLS of quarters.  I laughed until I HURT especially when the prissy ladies with perfect hair got pounded in the face with a wall of so so funny!
 We spent the night in Vallejo so we could go shopping the next day.  The girls had their very own room and enjoyed big comfy beds and the Disney channel that night.
 We stopped off at The Jelly Belly Factory, such a fascinating and fun place!
 But, really....WHO thought up THESE flavors?  And, WHO did the "research" for them???
 Once again, my College girl was NOT home on Easter :(
 We welcomed a new cousin, sweet Amelia Hope was born to Brad and Beckie.  She is the little sister to two busy boys!  
 I have made a zillion cups....
 I got this picture in a text message with the words, "I could really use my Mom about now"  Hahaha  I was NOT there to help Shae get moved out of the dorm thanks to skyrocketing airline ticket prices!  She DID manage to do it all by herself though!
 We celebrated Easter with a yard full of egg hunters!
 We watched TONS of softball games in ALL kinds of weather, from hurricane winds and freezing temperatures to scorching heat!
 Anna had a great year.  She is an amazing hitter and did great on the field too.  During this game she made an AWESOME catch at second base  AND she slid into home!
 ON the days it was too cold for Lindsay to go, or the game was too far away, Scott went and gave me updates via text messages...this one was Hilarious! Think he is a proud Daddy?
 Made more cups....
 and more cups....
 We excitedly anticipated the return of our Shae-shae!
 I am thrilled to have Shae join me in my 3rd round of Boot Camp at Sun Oaks now that she is home.. It really is a "Booty Kicking" class....but what a difference it has made!
My lack of blogging has been justified.  I promise.
  I earned a fun lunch date with these skinny brats who peer pressured me into the hardest thing i have ever done, Boot Camp  lovely ladies  by hitting my first goal of -20 pounds (I am at -25 as of this morning).

I will TRY to be more consistent, it's IMPOSSIBLE to get caught up in my scrapbooks, so I need to at least stay current here!.  I uploaded more pictures but they somehow did not show up in this post, so I will do another one later tonight or tomorrow...Lindsay just dumped over her entire box of a jillion colored pencils and she is saying over and over to herself. "I should have not done that, this is going to take FOREVER to cwean up.." So I better go to her rescue!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  Thank you to all those who fought and are fighting for our continued freedom and safety!