Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our Little "Bulldog Award" Winner

 A few weeks ago we received a note from Lindsay's teacher that said she would be receiving an award on May 23rd at a school assembly.
 Lindsay has been the Student of the Month a few times before at her 2 other schools, it was always so sweet to see her walking up to the stage with her little cane and hold her award next to the other recipients-hers was usually upside down :)
 This time,  it was really different.  An aide started to walk her up, but she went so fast, and with such purpose, the aide just let her go up by herself.
 It was fun for her to be recognized with a few of her other classmates who had won awards for academics (she will never win awards for that, but it is SO okay with us!) Her very sweet friend, Lucio, won the award for his infectious smile and the daily JOY he spreads around school.  How about being in a wheelchair with so many limitations and winning that award?!  Puts us "normal" people to shame, huh?
 Lindsay got the overall award given for her grade, The Bulldog Award.  I am so proud to be the mommy of a little girl with so  many challenges  and "dis" abilities, but a heart full of love and compassion for others.  God gave her lots of limits in life so  the important "abilities" that really matter in life  shine through even brighter.  HIS plan is ALWAYS best!
 The Lindsay fan club!
 It was so special having Shae home in time for the awards assembly,
 and Anna was more than happy to miss the first hour of her  school to attend!
 Grandma and Papa
 Lindsay and her Big Daddyboy
 Lindsay LOVED that Anna missed school to come see her get her award...and gave her an extra hard hug!

  It was a fun morning and another reassurance of God's plan for this precious girl

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So sweet! Love reading your blog.