Sunday, May 22, 2011

I Am Leaving Town More Often

Remember this lovely furniture I bought at my neighbor's garage sale?  Be sure and take notice of the purple chair that accompanied this set!

Remember this purple catastrophe?

And remember how Scott  transformed her into this??  While I was gone to Virginia, my sweet stripper husband was busy busy busy once again!

He transformed the ugly purple chair into this adorable polka-dot darling!

She looks right at home in Anna's bedroom!

Another project Scott worked on while we were gone was his patio and fire pit.  He has worked so so hard on it and his hard work has certainly paid off.  The second we pulled up the driveway at home I saw these adorable wrought iron rocking chairs that I had wanted so desperately at Costco!

Don't they look so sweet...and almost SOUTHERN?!!

He even printed out a sweet little sign!!

WE have enjoyed the fire pit many times already.  It is gas, so you just have to turn it on and you don't even have to smell like smoke!

I had just enough time to "prepare the way for the queen" after I got back home!

We have had a lot going on with Shae's homecoming, the end of school and the beginning of camp upon us but I wouldn't have it any other way!  I am thinking about leaving town every month or so from now on...I like coming home to finished projects!


Grace Meeker said...

Wow your personal stripper....I mean Scott does an AWESOME job! ;) I love how he even surprised you with the chairs you wanted...what a sweetie!! =) Oh, and thanks for two've been missed!!! =)

Amy said...

He is such a sweetie! Love all your new chairs!!

Jacquee said...

I LOVE the pink chair!!!! What a great transformation! You were obviously missed very much.

Christy said...

How SWEET is that??? And Inger, you are such a good mom!!!! ;0