Monday, April 4, 2011

Birthday Boy and a Couple of Farmers

Austin Luff turned 5 years old on March 28th.  I remember the night that beautiful boy came into the world!  It's hard to believe he will be in Kindergarten this Fall.  
He and his brother are obsessed with garbage trucks.  Beckie had a friend of a friend who hooked Austin up on his special day!
He had the chance to ride in a REAL garbage truck and "work the controls!"  His Mom took some video and he could not wait for Grandma and Papa to see!

While Austin was reliving all the garbage truck fun, Lindsay played with Austin's little brother Gavin. Gavin is SO patient with Lindsay.  He was "teaching" her how to play the "fishing game" and he was so sweet to put each fish back in it's hole when she couldn't see to do it right.  When it was time for cake and presents, he carefully put the whole game back together and put it back on the shelf where it belongs. 
 Brad hooked the "Garbage Truck" video up to the TV for us to watch and Lindsay was tickled to death when she asked Austin to sit on her lap, and HE DID!
 There were lots of new transformers in the house.  Gavin was so excited over all of Austin's presents too and his birthday is later this week! Yay! Another party!
  Anna missed the first part of the party because she had a softball game, but she made it in time for some yummy cake!
Happy Birthday, Austin Jeffrey Luff!

Sunday afternoon Scott was going to check on his bee hives, so my little 'city girls' and I went with him to enjoy some fresh  air.
We keep the hives at our friend, Tom's house.  He also has horses...and what a bonus that they were so happy to see US!
 Lindsay wasn't real sure about getting too close at first.
 But, as usual, Anna talked her into being brave and getting a little closer to the fence.
 Scott fixed one hive that had been knocked over and reported that those bees are still busy!
 When we found some hay to give the horses a little snack, Lindsay kept saying, "We're FARMERS, Anna!"  It was Hilarious!!
 I can't imagine how frustrated that poor horse was with Lindsay because she would only get so close, then she dropped the hay when he tried to get it out of her hand!
 When he sneezed, it was the absolute funniest thing!!  Lindsay talked about how "that horse sneezed a couple of times" the rest of the night!
By the time we left, Farmer Lindsay had become quite comfortable around those horses and wanted to know when we could go back again!!



Amy said...

I love that second to last picture.....her face is priceless!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

What a perfect celebration!