Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lindsay's Field Trip to the Bounce House

 The day after I got home from Florida, Scott and I went on a field trip with Lindsay's Special Ed. class.  Lindsay had been talking about this field trip non-stop for weeks and she instructed us that we both had to come! {we were the only parents there!}
 It was a LOT of "work" for Scott.  Besides rough housing with all the boys who were starved for his attention Scott had to help Lindsay do everything!  She is  so big now and she couldn't  pull herself up on the slides.  It was very frustrating for her when her feet would slip and she just didn't  have the strength to pull her own weight up.
 Her sweet classmate, Savannah came over to tell us that she "needed help getting Lindsay up to the top of the slide." It touched my heart that Savannah wanted Lindsay to experience the slide too and she was trying to push her up to the top!! {one of the boys in Lindsay's class said that Savannah looked like "Medusa" with her hair fixed like that! haha!!}
 After lots of tears and even more encouragement,  Lindsay was at the top....but I wasn't sure she would go down!
 But, she did! And she never did it again!
 Her buddy Lucio enjoyed the day free of his wheelchair thanks to one of the BEST aides on this planet, John.  He toted Lucio around all morning and even took him into the bouncy things and pulled and pushed him through tunnels! I KNOW he had to be exhausted by the end of the day!
 Lindsay liked "the swimming pool" the best. 
 She and Lucio pushed a ball back and forth and bounced a little tiny bit.  These two truly love each other and look out for one another.  They have been friends since they met in Kindergarten.

It was SILENT in the room where the class ate pizza for lunch.  They were all absolutely exhausted.   It was a fun time, and once again, I must say GOD BLESS SPECIAL ED TEACHERS, ADAPTIVE P.E. TEACHERS  AND AIDES!

Lindsay came home that day just completely out of it!  She spent the next 4 school days at home with a terrible cold and two ear infections, so I was beyond happy when she went back to school today!
Softball season is in full "swing" for Anna and the weather is finally cooperating!  I am ready to get some fresh, clean air and hopefully I won't catch a cold!


Jacquee said...

How fun! That aid, John, sounds like a stand up guy. How fun for Lucio. Thanks for the update and pictures. Glad that you and your hubby could be there to document the trip.

Kim said...

I remember both Lucio and Leslie when they were here at my school with Lindsey. I am really happy that the kids had such a good time! Hurray!

Momofgirls said...

Kim... the "Three L's" are still together!!! They are so adorable!