Monday, March 7, 2011

Precious Memories

It is hard to believe that we have a child in college.  It seems like just yesterday I was the Mama to one and looking forward to giving that "One" some siblings!
Time really does go by so quickly when you have children who grow up before your eyes. Memories become the precious treasures that are life's most important belongings.
My husband is so good about wanting to make and KEEP memories.
He worked so hard on a book to leave on Shae's bed in her dorm when we left after moving her in last August.  He took so much time to compile pictures and look back through his notes from various "talks" he has had with Shae to include in her book.
Here is what she found that night on her bed:
Shae's nicknames are numerous, but the best one she has ever had is,
"The Bootiful One"  it was given to her by her sweet Daddy way back when she was a little bald thing.
Scott took so much time to write from his heart.  I couldn't get through the first sentence without  crumbling into tears.
I can only imagine how special Shae must have felt as she read through this priceless treasure.
I am so thankful for this man who has a heart made of pure gold.
God knew that Scott would be just the guy for the job of raising these three girls! 
He has touched our hearts and made it VERY hard for the "guys" that will have to live up to his example someday!
{and boy is he smart....he has already started to work on Anna's "book" }


I have been so blessed to have wonderful friends in my life.  Two of them I met while I was a student at Liberty University (where my very own daughter goes to school!)
Dawn and Susie have been "with" me during the most crushing and difficult times of my life.  Their friendship is an absolute treasure to me.
Susie lives in Naples, Florida now but when we were at LU she  lived in Miami.  We went to her house on most of our breaks from school.   Her Mama, Angel, always welcomed anyone and we ate like royalty for the week!
{Susie and I circa 1984 on Spring Break} 
Susie is now married to her college sweetheart, Bill, and living in Naples, Florida where they have 4 girls and Bill is the head football coach at Naples High (state champions!!) 
They invited Shae for Spring Break and I was never more happy to buy a plane ticket for her!  What could be better than my daughter in the safety of a Godly home during spring break!?

Shae is so excited for a break from school but even more excited to hang out with the Kramers for a week! Not to mention eat "Kramer" food!
We all met up (Dawn's family too!)  in Orlando waaaaaay back when Shae and Katie were almost 2 (they are now 18!)
Shae and I also made a trip to Naples when Shae was in 7th grade (Dawn's family came to Naples then too!)
I love that the friendship of 3 girls at Liberty University has been passed down to the next generation!

And do you want to know the best part? 
My college freshman begged me to join her on spring break!  I told her that she has to be the only college girl in the history of the world who WANTS her Mom to be on spring break with her!
{my husband says "when your 18 year old wants you to hang out with go."}

                                             So guess where I'm going next week!??!


danadoll63 said...

This is soo awesome!!! I love that book. Do you guys know someone in the publishing business? It is beautiful and so, so sweet!

Julie said...

WOW!! What a treasure for Shae! I'm sort of speechless (which is unusual for me).

Denise said...

Sweet post Inger! Have a blast in FLORIDA! That is one great vaca spot! We are pumped about Spring Break too!

Kim said...

That book is priceless. I hope you printed one for you as well. And have so much fun next week! Spring Break 2011!

Amy said...

OMG.....I'm crying now....all I can think of is Ashley heading that way in the fall!