Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Evolution of a Purple Bench and Other Things

Life is sure busy when you have middle school aged children.  It seems that projects never cease!
Anna had to make a poster for her country report on Sudan.  I have to admit, I do LOVE me a poster assignment!  Lucky for Anna, her Daddy spent 6 months in Sudan back when he was at Liberty University. He was on a famine relief team and he had lots of pictures and mementos from his time there that we were able to use on her poster.

Lindsay went to the Dollar Store with Scott after she bugged him to death asking a zillion times if he'd take her one afternoon and bought this fun "windmill".  She had to "show Anna how cool it is" when Anna got home from school.
It is really nice to have a special ed student.  The pressures of schoolwork for Lindsay are basically none.  Her homework consists of tracing her name or doing a simple dot to dot...both of which she needs help doing.  That's okay, though...she gets a prize at school on Fridays for completed homework and it makes her whole week!
She was sick on Monday so she stayed home and caught up on some of her "shows".  She had to make sure her Sid and Gabriella dolls (that Shae got for her) were able to "watch themselves on TV!"
Basketball season ended with second place for Anna's team.  It was a fun season!
And now begins softball!!
Scott's got another job to add to his list: catcher.

Remember my little garage sale find last year?? 
Remember how my husband became a "professional stripper" a few posts back?
Well, look at her now!!!
Doesn't it look precious in Shae's room??
I think she will be very happy living in this space!
I was a little worried that the fabric I chose would be too "busy" in the room but, I think it works.
She'll have to enjoy her breathing room until May, because as soon as the girl who lives in this room gets home, I have a feeling this little bench won't be empty!



Julie said...

WOW!! What a transformation. If I had not seen the pictures, I would have a hard time believing it was the same bench. I love Shae's bedding. Where did you get it? Want to come to my house and re-do my bedroom? :0)

Momofgirls said...

Julie....Shae's bedding is by Candie's and we got it at Kohls in Texas! (they DID have it here too) Laurie has the same bedding but her accent color is gold and it is so pretty!
The polka dot pillows are from Hobby Lobby (Laurie got them and sent them to us!)

and.....I KNOW! Isn't that bench darling???!!! I can't wait for Scott to start on the chair for Anna's room!!

Grace Meeker said...

I forgot to comment on this when you first posted it....I ABSOLUTELY LOVE how the bench turned out!!! BEAUTIFUL!! =) Scott needs to go into business!! ;)