Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Change is Good ~especially in my pocket!

I have been on a MAJOR organization kick.  I guess it was forced upon me thanks to our "new budget". I have tried to concentrate on getting rid of the stuff we don't need and NOT buying anything we don't "need".  I have even embraced "couponing"!
 I did find myself in TJMaxx one evening while I waited for Anna's basketball practice to be over. 
I have been looking for new bedding for Anna's room and came upon this precious Cynthia Rowley set for cheap! ( I called Scott to ask if we could possibly add it to the budget!)
 I spent one whole evening/night cleaning out every square inch of Anna's bedroom while she was away at winter camp. Why oh WHY did I NOT take pictures of the family room during the process??  I literally took a laundry basket into her room and load by load took every.single.thing. out of her entire room and DUMPED it into the family room where I sorted everything while I watched episode after episode of Clean House on Netflix.
 It was so refreshing to have everything organized and clean!  I was so excited to put the new bedding on before she came home from camp and fix everything for her arrival.
 She recently dragged out every trophy she has (from the attic) and put them on display in her room, so I had to work around those!
 Scott fixed up this darling end table for Anna.  It is from Treasure Island, the island where Liberty University's first students lived which later  became the football team's practice location (Scott spent MANY hours there over the years!).  It has since been washed away in a flood, so that little table is quite a treasure!
 Anna actually squealed when she walked into her room and said, "I LOVE it!" What a wonderful thing to hear from my very subdued and non-emotional girl!

Don't be worried about poor Lindsay while all this was taking place...
she is never far away from me...
 All I can say is YAY! for blocks!! (and Go Diego Go!)

Lindsay says that her room is next! 
(We'll have to talk Daddyboy aka "Dave Ramsey" into that!)


Tim and Rachael Wadsworth said...

Love it! My parents re-decorated my room one summer while I was at camp, and I remember how excited I was when I came home!!

Grace Meeker said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new bedroom look!!! =) When Mike and I buy a house I'm PAYING you to fly out here and help me decorate...Its probably a good thing you don't have a Hobby Lobby in Redding!!! ;)

Amy said...

Love Anna's new room.....that owl is my favorite! ;-) And the little 'Treasure Island' stand......what a 'treasure'. Our first 'adopted LU student' lived down on Treasure Island.....back in the day.

Momofgirls said...

Rachael, I remember when they were doing the re-do in your bedroom! Black and white, right?

Grace...you are SO right about Hobby Lobby! (but oh how I wish!) You really need HOLLY to come out when you get into a house!! I have shamelessly begged her to put her house pics on FB!

Amy, I also have a wooden swivel chair from TI. I LOVE it! My friend, Susie, in Florida has a chair in her bedroom from there too! Her husband played football there, so it's special to her too! (I coveted it last time I was at her house!)