Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Masquerade "Banquet"

Shae with David (her lifelong friend from back in the church nursery!) He is a twin and Lindsay LOVES his brother, Jon, because he built blocks with her a long time ago!
Shae with Kris (fun to watch him play basketball and especially baseball..he hits home -runs just about every game). His grandfather and Shae's Papa were long time friends!
The benefits of going "dateless"!! (these 4 guys have minds of their own-glad they didn't make the girls wear hats and glasses too!)
Rachel and Shae, sweet friends!
Shae came home much earlier than I expected, she is ssiiiiiiicccckkk! I think it might be bronchitis! She is missing her club volleyball tournament today- so you know she is sick! (and I gotta say, we are going to the doctor tomorrow...Lindsay and I are tired of the coughing !!!)

*Susie K. and Dawn S.- do you see how fun blogging would be for you to keep up with the lives of your beautiful girls?? Not to mention the fact that I could see what is going on with all of you! I miss you both so very much and hope we can work it out to get together soon! XOXO


Denise said...

First of all, Shae looks beautiful and it looks like she had lots of fun.

Second, major bummer that she is sick! Get the hand sanitizer out and everyone wash their hands a lot!

HPS said...

Shae DOES look beautiful. I love her dress, her hair, the bling in her hair, everything! Good times, good times.

Dolly said...

I love that Shae goes to a Christian school and has the banquet version of prom. we had that too and it was so much fun. She does look beautiful and loved her hair. I can't believe she did that herself. Her dress was pretty too.

Donna said...

I agree..Shae looks beautiful! She has a great smile. Love the dress, hair...everything! I LOVE the idea of going with a bunch of girlfriends. Roy and I already decided that we are not going to allow boyfriends/girlfriends in highschool!!! We are going to encourage group dating:)

Hope she feels better soon and that you all don't catch whatever it is!

Dawn Smith said...

Hey Inger! I love catching up and seeing what's happening in your life on your blog. I just don't think I have time to keep up with it right now. I'll tell you what, though. If you find a weekend for us to get together, I'll let you show me how to do it and I'll try it. Fair enough? I have to find a way to make this happen, so how's that for a deal???