Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine's Day Teacher Gift #1

Home made Hot Cocoa Mix

1- 1lb box powdered sugar
1-1lb jar Coffeemate
8 qt. box nonfat dry milk
1 cup cocoa
2 cups granulated sugar

Mix together in a large bowl. Fill cellophane bags with desired amount of mix. Add a few mini marshmellows at the top. Make a cute gift tag and tie with ribbon!
Shae and I found the cute mugs at Ross for $2.99!



jday said...

Very pretty, Inger! I'm using Nikki's pretzels in the paper covered box idea... I spent much of last week Mod Podging!

Dolly said...

Cute idea Inger! I loved the way you packaged the mugs too!

Donna said...

I did the boxes and pretzels, too, but this is a great idea! Actually, that hot chocolate sounds good just to make and have on hand!! Yum!

Jennifer said...

Wish I would have seen this post before I spent $15 on a gift for Max's teacher! Very cute idea!

Kristi said...

Great idea, Inger!!! I will use this recipe in the future.

Katie said...

Very cute and simple, plus who doesn't love a hot drink! I was also inspired to make hot chocolate packs for my daughter's teachers but I went the super lazy route and bought mix. I love how you wrapped it all up, it's always all about the presentation for me!