Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Best Little Sister Ever!

Anna Fay, you are the glue that holds us together! I honestly couldn't make it without you!

You are so thoughtful, always wanting to pick special things for others, and insisting on paying with YOUR own money.
You have provided Lindsay with so many great experiences that I would probably would have "protected" her from. Like jumping on the trampoline in a DOWNPOUR!!

And having picnics in the rain (you made sure she was NOT getting wet...not even her feet! ) Remember when she was younger and soo afraid of rain AND umbrellas? ( I would have said, "oh it will make too much laundry, and I will have to do her hair again.")

You patiently "teach" her so many things, and care for her "extra" needs as if she were YOUR daughter. It is NO wonder Lindsay calls you "my Anna". Lindsay is so lucky that God decided that she needed another sister, and that it is YOU!
Anna, God says that whatever you do "for the least of these", you do unto me!
Great will be your reward in heaven for all those snacks you have prepared, all the trips to take her potty( and all the times you had to "come see" what was IN the potty), all the times you lovingly dressed her , played with her, were sweet to her when she tripped over YOUR blocks and knocked them down, and sooo many other things. You are the baby of our family, yet you have never held the position. You are one amazing girl and I am so thankful you are mine. You really could run this house without me!
I Love You, Sweet girl! (just thought you should know)


Melissa said...

That is so sweet! Made me cry a little...all of your girls are beautiful inside and out.

Kacey Randolph said...

Oh my goodnes! What a beautiful family you have! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your blog is ADORABLE! I love all of your crafty goods. I'm going to add you to my list of blogs I follow.

My ribbon was given to me as a gift and I LOVE it. It's actually going to be part of my post tomorrow. I'm listig fun finds and things for the holidays. You can get the ribbon in a slew of different choices at I get a lot of use out of it.

Dolly said...

Very sweet post Inger. Anna seems like a really special little girl. I'm sure this post made her grow a little! :)

Nikki Hogsed said...

How sweet. I obviously dont know your family that well, but this post about Anna Fay was so touching. I got a little choked up as I read all the things you wrote about her. She sounds like an amazing girl!

Kim said...

I loved this post as well Inger. I don't know Anna even though I know both your other girls. She sounds incredible. What a blessing she is to your family!

Donna said...

That was really sweet, Inger. Anna seems like such a special and caring person. I know she makes you proud. She should!