Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Nikki loves do I....

F-lower pot (monogramed!)

A-pron...with my monogram in pink!!

L-ittle notepad and clipboard

L-jack o Lantern (when I saw Nikki's mantle I secretly coveted one of these)

I totally SCORED!! Nikki, I LOVE all my Fall swap items! How very thoughtful you were! It was especially fun to have all my items personalized...with a name like "Inger", you don't EVER find your name on a keychain at Disneyland or anywhere else for that matter!


Denise said...

I tell you, Nikki does a great job with all the things she makes. These are all so nice! A+ Nikki!

Inger, great job posting about it too! You are doing very well, learning all this blog stuff! Keep it up!

Nikki Hogsed said...

I am so glad it arived. I was getting worried. I am so sorry everything was pink. Once I started seeing all the fall items everyone else was getting, I felt really bad that I hadnt sent you fallish things. I am glad you started a blog and you seem look like an expert already.

By the way...excellent comment on Denise's blog. I have been too fired up and mad to post anything. I am afraid of what I would say. But you handled it with class.

I LOVED the FALL letters you sent to Denise. I ran to Michaels yesterday and got the letters to copy you. Hope you dont mind.

Momofgirls said...

Nikki...PINK is always welcome at THIS house!! (my poor outnumbered hubby!)

I had a great day..went to my daughter's Volleyball game(they won and she will be in the paper tomorrow!) and had a babysitter for the other 2! :) I took my camera and showed all the Moms my swap stuff!! They were all jealous!!
Thankyou so very much, what a beautiful gift!

Angela said...

Great job Nikki! I love pink, too! Especially with brown. Great job posting Inger! Nikki, I tried to copy your cute pumpkins. You have much better handwriting than I do, but I was happy with them. I put a post on my blog about them with your website. I hope that's ok. If you want to take a look, my blog is Thanks for the great idea!

Dolly said...

LOVE the gift from Nikki! See, I knew whoever Nikki had wouldn't be disappointed. These are the kind of gifts that you can use all year. Great job displaying them too. I love your front door too. Looks so inviting.

Stephanie said...

Wow! Those are great gifts! How exciting to get a package like that!