Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Erin Condren LIFE planners!

                                     As summer starts to wind down we are all starting to think about REAL life away from camp! College students, teachers, moms, wives, there is so much that happens throughout the year with this bunch.....good thing we found ERIN CONDREN life planners!(she has other way cute things too!) Today the tiny office was packed with girls ordering and customizing their personalized life planners! We are so excited to get them, too bad they wont be here in time for us all to ooooo and ahhhh over the different designs we all got!

Shae and Brittney customizing their planners!

                                                Trying to decide which one is absolute cutest!

                                            Khristina is ordering one for herself and one for her mom!

And what a coincidence ALL the girls that ordered them are Liberty Girls! (at one point or another!)

The Seven of us are patiently awaiting the arrival of our new life planners, all of us are anticipating a stylized, personalized and organized life this next year! We will see which one of us actually gets organized the best!

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Tim and Rachael Wadsworth said...

TOO CUTE! Thanks for the tip! :)