Sunday, June 16, 2013

Gnarly, Lindsay, and Party of Five Again

 I found my Gnarly Neon pics, so I am gonna post a few, for memory's sake. 
It was so much fun, and even waiting for our "wave" to start the race was fun! Beach balls were bouncing everywhere and people went ALL out in their race garb! Lots and lots of tutus (which we ALMOST wore and will FOR SURE wear next time!)
 We have had matching shoes in Boot Camp for a while...we all love them (and no worries!  They cane clean after the run).
 As we ran through the different color stations, we were attacked with 'gnarly neon' colors.
 Kristen and I after we met up at the finish line :) She has become one of my best and dearest friends (not to mention my accountability partner for going to the gym)!
 What an accomplishment!
 Anna kept texting me and saying "WHERE are you? We finished a long time ago!!" (she WAS in one of the first waves of runners, I think we were in the 6th or 7th).
 My first official race garb. 

Lindsay has really made progress this year (I will do another post on her first year of high school later:)
One morning as she was going out the door for school she yelled back, "Mommy, I left you a surprise on the counter!!"
She sure did. 
 Her name has never looked more precious to me.
 Her art repertoire has sure developed into actual pictures!  Her spacial awareness is amazing.  Heads are in proportion and there are obvious arms and legs!
 I love this lady's big, red, lips.
 There is even grass sometimes.
 And blue sky!
 One thing I have LOVED about this year are the aides and the teacher in Lindsay's class.  There was a fishing field trip and I received the cutest text messages and pictures from sweet Janene.  Her presence in Lindsay's life has been a gigantic blessing to us! (and what fun to get pictures of Lindsay during her day at school!)
 What a fun opportunity for this girl!  They have fishing guides who patiently work with the "special" kids to help them catch fish!  Lindsay had a blast!
 The highlight of the last month HAS TO BE the big sister's arrival home from college!
 I know it's ridiculous, but I think it is so fun to have gifts on the bed waiting for you.  My mom did it for me and I remember how welcomed I always felt when I got home from Liberty (same college my girl attends!!) too.
 I stayed home and prepared the girl's favorite meal while her dad and lil sis flew down to Sacramento to get her.
 Lindsay was indescribably excited all day (I didn't tell her until that morning that Shae would be coming because she would have driven me to the funny farm, and clearly, I already have reservations there.
It's wonderful to be a 'party of five" once again!

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Kim said...

I love Lindsey's art work! And of course, your blog!