Saturday, June 15, 2013

Waking Up The Ol' Blog

 I am not sure how I neglected to post on this blog for so long, but I am determined to become a regular blogger again.  It is my only record of our life's events. 
I have been busy with my new life as a gym-going I think that is my excuse. For now. I have been enjoying my new energy, my thinner body and lots of new clothes! (I can even wear JCrew!!)
I ran (I use that term loosely) my first 5K.  It was the gnarly neon color run.  It was a BLAST! All my spin class/boot camp friends and I did it together .(Anna did it too, but left me in the dust)  We started out nice and clean, and then finished pretty "gnarly" with neon colors all over us (wish I could find the pics on this stupid laptop).
Doing a 5K is such an easy thing for most people.  To me, it was a BIG DEAL.  I even cried when I got home.  Cross THAT off my bucket list.
I thought I might want to do another race of some sort, but I have developed knee issues...I had a cortisone shot in my left knee and I am totally getting one in my right knee next!  I hope it helps and I can continue on my quest for fitness.
This year Anna's school did a Father/Daughter evening.  Scott was impressed and so blessed. There was a beautiful challenge by one of the teachers who encouraged the dads to be the godly leaders their daughters need, she didn't have a father like that and she shared her testimony of rebelling for many years.  She is such a gift to our school!  I am so thankful that she is able to attend a school  that promotes these kind of events.  Priceless memory!
 I can't believe my BABY girl just graduated 8th grade and is now an official High School girl.  Where have the years gone?
 Shae flew home from college in time for the big night.
 My parents came out from Arizona, and will be with us at camp all summer.  I love love love having them here! They are in their 80's and still so energetic and so funny! (Lindsay is especially happy that they are here!)
 Anna was chosen by her classmates to give the speech at graduation.  YIKES!  She was nervous but you would have NEVER known it!  She did a beautiful job and even made her big sister cry!  Her theme was "choices" and what a challenge she delivered!  How blessed we are that she is such a good girl, makes good choices herself and has a heart after God's.  I don't know what else we could ever want from her.
 With Grandma and Papa Luff
Scott and Anna had spent the previous week at Ecology Camp FREEZING to death but having a great time white water rafting and participating in many challenges.  Anna's team actually ended up winning for the week! Scott kept texting me and saying how proud he was of her for jumping right in, participating and being a real leader.  She is a good girl! What a way to end her Jr. High years!
I am so excited for her as I look forward to all the fun times she has ahead of her in high school.  Shae absolutely LOVED high school and I know Anna will too!

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Julie said...

I am sooooooooooooooooo happy you are back to blogging!!! I have missed you!