Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy 20th Birthday, Shae Marrin!

 It's hard to believe that 20 years have past since this sweet little bald baby girl was placed in my arms.
 September 27, 1992 was a day that would change my life FOREVER.  In the best way possible. 
 Being your Mama has been such a privilege.  You have been such a sweet and FUN little girl to raise. You have obeyed, respected and loved us, your parents.  WHO cold ask for ANYTHING more?
But much MORE came with YOU! 
 You have been such a happy, funny and sweet girl with a tender heart.  You are a GOOD FRIEND and an even better sister!
 It has been so much fun watching you grow up and make mature, GOOD choices (keep doing that, OKAY?)
 There are may sets of eyes watching you!
 You have grown into a beautiful young woman....and the beauty starts on the INSIDE, the outside is a BONUS!
 As you enter these REAL adult years, I pray that you will keep seeking advice when you need it, 
 and that you will continue to make Good and RIGHT choices.  God has blessed you with so many things!  Use them to bring glory to Him!
 Life gets more complicated the older you get, and adulthood will undoubtedly bring new challenges,
 But, you have an army of people right behind you to lift you up when you are down and pick you up if you fall. NEVER be afraid to ask for help. EVER.
 I am so thankful for the relationship we share.  You have become one of the people I count on in MY OWN life!  What a fun change  as you move into this new phase of your life!
 Thank you for bringing SO MUCH JOY to us!  We knew we were in for a fun, new journey on that Sunday in September so many years ago, but we could have NEVER imagined how WONDERFUL you would make it!  God has been SO good to us!
My greatest joy has been being a mother, and YOU gave me that new name so many years ago!  Thank you for WHO you are!  We could not possibly love you any MORE!

Happy 20th Birthday Shae Marrin!!

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Love your family...keep the posts coming!