Sunday, September 23, 2012

Shae's JUNIOR Year at LU!

 Summer seems like it came and went so quickly.  I think it actually DOES go by much faster now that I know I have to say goodbye to my firstborn when it is over :(
We had one last dinner out to celebrate the beginning of a new school year (Lindsay was with Grandma at camp and didn't say goodbye to Shae...probably a good thing since neither of them are good with goodbyes!)
 I was so LUCKY to get to travel back to Virginia with Shae this year.  BUT...we had to say goodbye to Dad first...not easy. At all.
 After the tearful prayer, we got checked through security and got to the gate only to find out that our flight had been cancelled!  There was NO WAY for us to get to the East coast that night...UGH.  I PURPOSELY did NOT schedule a red eye flight for us....I know I can't make it without adequate sleep!
(and, YES!  Shae IS carrying all the STUFF! I told you I am not a good traveller)
 There were virtually no options for us that were even remotely appealing.   United did fly us over to San Francisco so we could catch an 11:00 pm flight to Roanoke. They gave us each a $100 voucher for future travel and some money to eat in the airport. But, 10 hours in an airport is STILL 10 hours in an airport.  Not to mention I had to fork out $25 for a blanket so we could survive the wait.  
Brrrr, SF Airport, Brrrr!
We Finally boarded the plane and thanks to the sweetest gate agent EVER, we had the exit row.  We could have laid down on the floor and stretched out! (and Shae actually DID!)  We mostly were sleepless and uncomfortable the entire flight, but we purchased the entire season of "Melissa and Tye" (she was on the Bachelor, but got DUMPED and ended up marrying the most precious Texan-they have a darling baby girl and their reality show is G rated!) so we watched Shae's iPad like a couple of zombies all night.
We had a 2 hour layover in Philadelphia the icky no sleep, same clothes for over 24 hour feelings were setting in!
 FINALLY on our way to Roanake!  Bumpiest flight I have EVER been on! (also suuuuuper bumpy on my way home-alone!!)
 We hopped into our rental car and got a second wind as we drove through beautiful Virginia on our way to the happiest place on earth---LIBERTY UNIVERSITY!!!
 We pulled up to Shae's new dorm on East Campus and we were instantly gitty with excitement about her new home!  So CUTE! So southern. So apartment-ish!  Yeeeeee!!!!
 After checking out Shae's quad, we went immediately to find Kayla.  What a precious sight this was, I am so glad I had my camera ready!!
 Shae had texted her new roomie, Callie who she said she was heading to the dorm, so we ran over to see her.  What a sweet girl!  I was so glad I got to meet both of Shae's roommmates and her quadmates too.  Such a comforting feeling knowing who she is with!
 The next few days were full of unpacking (and trying to make room for waaaay toooo much stuff in a smaller room.  (she does have a HUGE common area which makes this a VERY NICE place to live-pics of the rest to come, it's a post all on its own!)
 The closet space is maybe 1/4 of what she had before, so we HAD to be organized and CREATIVE!
 The weather was DIVINE the whole time I was there...even COOL, there was no humidity that week!  But then, the REMINDER of why Lynchburg has it's nickname.  There was the most HUMONGOUS downpour on our way to pick Leanne up.  Yep, it really is DRENCHburg!
 Barry and Stephanie's nephew, Quincy, is at Liberty this year!  He had worked at camp with Leanne and Shae and we have watched him grow up.  What a fine, fine young man! He is going to be so happy at Liberty and I don't doubt that he will be President of the student body one day soon!
(Shae loves having her "cousin" at Liberty-hope she doesn't bug him or embarrass him!!)
 One day before I had to leave :(  we had time to go to lunch all by ourselves.  The Train Depot was quaint and delicious.   Then we headed out to the most adorable place, The Farm Basket!  Oh goodness, it is a good thing I am not a Lynchburg resident.  I would eat lunch there and spend ALL MY MONEY there too!  So so cute!!
(oops, my pics are out of order....)
 We bought a bookshelf to use for storage and Shae was determined to build this shelf all by herself, so she could show her Dad how handy she is....
 and she DID IT!  Her bathroom is very BIG, so she put it in there for the girls to keep some of their essentials!  That right there is "wife-y material", Shae!
 Back to The Farm Basket.  See??  It's PRECIOUS!
 (another out of order pic...)
Probably the BEST part of my visit (after spending a week with my girl!) is attending Thomas Road Baptist Church.  The music....ahhhhh....the music!  Charles Bilingsley is my favorite!!  And Jonathan Falwell has filled his Dad's shoes in a remarkable way.  So blessed to get to go there, and so thankful that my girl gets to go there every Sunday!  I am jealous that Shae is going to the ladies' Bible Study on Tuesday mornings there too...if only we lived there, I could go TOO!
 another Farm Basket picture...see?  I could go there every week.  It is full of little shops and darling gift items!
 While I was there, we stayed with Shae's second family, The Tomans.  I LOVED getting to be there, "living there" like she does during the year.  I can see why she loves them so much.  They are such a sweet family.  They really love HER too :)  The boys are always on the lookout for a TALL boy for Shae!  So funny!  Caroline is in High School and she and Shae are shopping buddies!  Another way God has comforted my heart- He has put people in her life to make her feel so loved and cared for!
 ON my last day there, Scott called to tell me that the whole mountain (where camp is- ) had been evacuated because of an enormous fire!  He asked me if there was anything there that I wanted him to go get....and what he could get out of my parent's place!??!!!  YIKES!  My mom only wanted one thing...her sewing machine!
 Scott never left camp, he drove around putting out little burning branches that were coming over from the fire which was only a mile away.  He would not have been able to get back in if he went home.
 One morning he sent me this pic...and he made biscuits for the firefighters who were regrouping at our facilities.  How thankful we are to have such brave men who are willing to do this very physically demanding job!
I got home and didn't see Scott for another 9 days because of the fire.  But, Camp was spared and we are so thankful that God is not finished with our work there quite yet!
 I missed this girl's first day of 8th grade (as if she cared!)  She is off and running in school and volleyball.  Phew.  I am already tired and it is only September!
I missed this girl's first day of HIGH SCHOOL too! (she cared even LESS than Anna!)  What a GREAT choice we made in Foothill High School!  There could NOT be a better group of aides and teachers who are obviously CALLED to serve those kids with special needs.  I am so encouraged and so blessed!
I have so much more "blog catch up" to do, and I hope to do it this week, but Scott will be gone this week AGAIN, I have Jury Duty, and there is more volleyball this week....we'll see if I can finally get back on track with the updates!

Happy Fall, Y'all!

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glad to hear that shae is all settled! can't believe that the baby went crazy for in 1992 grew into that beautiful girl!! and congrats to anna and linds on their new schools- they are all growing up into such lovely little women! so glad to hear that camp is ok- and NOT surprised that scott made biscuits for the firefighters! that is definitely something he would do :)