Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I'm Baaaaaackkkk.....

 I have neglected this blog long enough.  Today will be the first of my "catch up" posts.  One day, I intend to get these posts all published into a "Blog Book" since my hope of EVER catching up in my scrapbooks is fading...
One reason for my lack of posting is my lil ole CUP business!  WHO KNEW that these little things would be so popular!!
 The possibilities are endless, and I have made HUNDREDS of these babies!
 One of the most favorite days we had...The LAST day of school!!  Woo Hoo for summer!!
 My Sweet Anna Fay turned the big 13 in June.  I had a weak moment and let her invite ALL the girls in her class for a Sleepover at Lassen Pines!
 We did our best to deck the dining room out in Anna's signature favorites, pink and orange.
 It is AMAZING to me how much these skinny little girls can EAT!  Scott made lasagna on night one, biscuits/gravy and eggs for breakfast, hamburgers for lunch and a DELICIOUS tri-tip dinner for the second evening.
   We made s'mores at the lake and played beach volleyball late into the evening.  The girls had Cabin 8 all to themselves and had a late night of storytelling and movies...(and Scott, Lindsay and I enjoyed a whole night of quiet sleep!)  

 Thanks to our college staff who were already at camp for the summer, Anna had a whole Pit Crew of guys to run go-Karts for the girls (and drag them out of the rocks after the many crashes!)
 Scott took them on a fun wagon ride with his old Model B John Deere.
 Along with trying to take care of my little Lindsay girl all summer while her sisters and her Daddy were busy with their camp responsibilities, I was on a weight loss quest (and I continue to be on that quest...)
 I have been doing Boot Camp at Sun Oaks with Justin since late February, but HOW MUCH FUN to have Shae with me for the 12 weeks during the summer...and EVEN MORE fun to have Laurie with us for 6 of those weeks!!
 We were ALL very successful and implemented the healthy eating that Justin talks about during our sessions.  I have learned SO MUCH and only wish I could have had this knowledge a decade ago...
 Scott was busy with the many projects and day to day operating pressures at camp, but he did squeeze in a little time to make a shelf for the dorm desk of a very special college girl! 
It turned out beautifully and he even added a cork backing and under the shelf lighting!  I can't wait to see how it looks in her room this year.  The shelf is in transit right now, in the mini van we had shipped to Virginia last week!  Yahoooo for having a car this year for Shae!  She has gotten used to the idea of having an embarrassing mini van...after all-in college, "wheels are wheels" , or so her Dad says!!
I have a lot more of SUMMER 2011 to catch up on in the days to come...but I have to admit, I am glad I remembered how to log in here at this lil blog! Phew!
See you tomorrow with the next installment!


samantha linton said...

well hallelujah ... glad to know you had such a good summer! looking forward to reading more about it :)

Amy said...

Yay....glad to read all your 'catching up'. I've missed your updates. Love the shelf.....what dorm is Shae in this year?

Kim said...

Glad you are back to blogging! Loved Anna's party. You can throw me a birthday bash anytime! And looking so svelte!