Saturday, October 17, 2009


When there is a child in your family that has "special needs" there are most likely some toys that come to your rescue. Ours? Counting bears. How I love these cheery & colorful bears. They line up so obediently for Lindsay!
Most of the time they are lined up to catch the bus. They go on field trips, to Grandma's and to camp, but mainly they head off to school. (I would put that little school bus on the short list of "must haves" for Lindsay too- she used to run and hide it when her cousin Austin was on his way over to play!)

Oh, the hours of peace these little bears, who are ALL GIRLS by the way, have given me!
We give them to her in the morning a lot! She wakes up after a night of silence ready to have TONS of conversation. The other people in this house do not. So the bears listen to her.
Last week, Scott decided that Lindsay could put the silverware away while he unloaded the dishwasher (I know!! He does it while he fixes the girls' breakfast and makes their lunches, He loads it too!).
She had to look closely to figure out where the bigger spoons went, but she worked hard!
She also wanted to know how much she would get paid!
Last weekend, on the way to the Oregon Tournament we enjoyed the most beautiful scenery! I kept going on and on about how beautiful it is in Northern California. (we ARE blessed to live in such a beautiful state!)
So, the sweet girl in the front seat, Leanne, got my little camera out of my purse to take a few pictures while we were driving ( probably so I would shut up). I didn't think they would be very good since it wasn't my big camera, and we were moving, but look at the pictures of Mt. Shasta she got!!

After last week's storm, it is now covered in snow, but wasn't it lovely!? I will try to get some more pictures of it with the snow since you can see it from our street!!
Hope your weekend is relaxing....and I hope you have some counting bears!

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Jennifer said...

Inger, I am dying reading this post! Max's therapist from the School for the Deaf and Blind use to bring those exact bears to our house all the time and I LOVED them! Seriously, I would just get a handful of them and play with them while she was working with Max. What is it about them? In fact, I found one not too long ago under our couch and the therapist hasn't been here in 2 years...too funny.

Anyway, I loved the pictures you took of Lindsay lining all of them up. So cute! And good for her in putting the silverware up. Oh, and good for you that you have a husband that unloads and loads the dishwasher! :)

Kim said...

I too loved this post about the bears. We use them at our school as well. Love that you record all the great things Lindsey does along the way!