Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Go get some Moon Pies, Oreos, Candy Corn, brown sprinkles and M&Ms so you can make some of these cuties! Use melted chocolate chips as glue, then let them "dry", put a stick in them and bag them up!
They are all ready to go to school with Lindsay tomorrow!

Hawes Pumpkin Patch
Look how festive this "pumpkin rack "looks as it greets you after you (spend a fortune) pay to get in!

Everything was so cute! There were animals to pet, pig races, a big bouncy-thing and a zip line.
The zipline wasn't real high up, but it was a little scary anyway!
The girls rode the little tractor-pulled train. I didn't think Lindsay would do it since she would have to be in her own little car, but she LOVED it!

The hardest part was finding "the perfect pumpkin" It took Anna a loooong time to find hers!
Lindsay wanted to drive the cart, let's just say that those pumpkins are tough! They got dumped out a bunch!
Lindsay said, "Oh, I found my perfect pumpkin, here it is!"
We had a fun day and it was worth every.penny.we.spent.

Here is another one of Shae's senior picture previews. Daniel is working feverishly to get them all edited...he may have some girls bugging him every day about them and he is most likely ready to be free of them!! hee hee

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Kim said...

I have never been to Hawes Ranch but you made me want to! Loved the owl treats as well.

Katie said...

Those are the cutest suckers I've ever seen! What a wonderful idea.

Love all the pics of your girls.

Amy said...

I absolutely LOVE those owl treats! Thanks for sharing....will have to do those next year for our homeschool party.

Denise said...

Why are zip lines so cool?

Cute little pumpkin patch. It looks like it is over here on the east coast.

Denise said...

Oh, cute owls too!

kiakai/Kelly @ Much To Do With Nothing said...

Looks like a fun day! I love pumpkin patches. Thanks for coming by to visit.