Friday, October 23, 2009

Christmas Card {Attempt}

One of the most stressful things {in my opinion} is taking Christmas card photos!I honestly DO try...{and I love this one}. Lindsay doesn't know where to look, is usually talking and is generally unhappy taking pictures anyway.
We have to use "bodily function" humor to get her to smile (I guess all kids think those sounds are funny, brain injured or not!)

She just didn't get why we wnated them to walk "away" from us!! We were using the tri pod and the "hit the button and run to get into the picture before the camera clicks" feature on my camera, so Lindsay was majorly distracted by Daddy's running!
Poor Anna and Shae (and Scott), in my mind I "see" the most beautiful family portrait where the girls are all beautiful, happy and joyful, Scott is dashing, and I am......super skinny. Oh well, it is what it is (as my husband likes to say), and, it IS actually pretty awesome.
{I did end up getting one "acceptable" to use!}


jday said...

I love the first picture! Pretty scenery and pretty girls!

HPS said...

I think the first two are GREAT. You are beautiful Inger! Your hair is always so pretty, too!