Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Decorations

Well, I have gotten into the swing of things with minimal complaining from the husband. {Until he sees the condition of his precious attic!} I could hardly wait to get down the Christmas decorations to see what I got last year at the after Christmas sales! I went to a cute little boutique- type store here in Redding called Dandelion (my street's name!!) and got all the stuff to do this "formal" tree!
When we lived in Texas I taught school at Rochell Elementary and the secretary there always had a Christmas party for the school staff at her house. I was in awe (I was newly married and had never had my "own Christmas tree") when I saw that she had more than one tree!! She had a beautiful all white tree in her living room and a colorful one with all the "kid" ornaments in her family room!! Ever since then I have wanted more than one tree!
Two years ago when we were in Texas for Thanksgiving I went with my SIL Lisa to get her a "dining room" tree! We did a formal tree there and put her other tree in the family room! ( I LOVE helping Stephanie and Lisa get their houses decorated when we are in Texas for Thanksgiving..missed it this year!) THAT is when I knew I would have to begin my Two Tree Tradition!
So far the living room is is my {favorite} Tex-ified Christmas tree for the family room!
I love the white boas, I got them at a store that went out of business last year!The absolute BEST thing that I discovered this year is this device that allows your tree to be turned on by a remote control!
Just plug the tree lights (or anything else) into the box,

and push the button from across the room, the lights magically come on without messing up the beautiful vacuum marks! YeeHaw!
{I know...I am easily amused but, come on, the living room is the first room you see when you walk into my house and the peeps who live here are forbidden to step on the carpet! }

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Kristi Smalley said...

Looking good, Inger....looking good. Yes, if I ever hear that you have come to Rockwall to visit and have not looked me up, I will have to resort to removing you from my blog list. (I know this sounds harsh but I felt I had no choice) HA!

Momofgirls said...

Kristi Kristi Kristi...I would NEVER come to Rockwall and NOT see you! I wish I could come for First Monday sometime!!

design gal said...

LOVE your blog and your Christmas decor!