Tuesday, December 1, 2009


This afternoon and evening Scott and I got a tiny taste of what the rest of our lives will be like! Shae was gone to a basketball game and Anna was at her friend, Chloe's, house.
It was just us...and this one! Part of me is just exhausted at the thought of caring for her for the rest of my life, but the other part is thrilled that we will have her around to keep us company. She is the most precious child you could know. She is so loving and innocent.
Before Shae left, Lindsay had an "accident" (the yucky kind, which she NEVER does anymore, but it is always close...she usually makes a run for it ) in her pants, so she told Shae she needed some help. The whole time Shae was taking her pants off and putting her in the bathtub Lindsay was saying "I'm sorry, Shae, I shouldn't have done that but I was distracted eating my apples and watching my movie."
Sometimes it's good to have a reminder of how far you have come when you feel overwhelmed by the future. Thanks for the reminder, Lord!
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Dana Lyn said...

This made me cry. God bless you.

Kristi Smalley said...

Inger, this post was so sweet. You have such great girls and such a sweet family. God has brought you so far and that little girl has such a special purpose. Mothers of special needs kids are the strongest people on the planet.

Julie said...

Oh, Inger, we don't always understand God's ways but He does give us the strength for today. Take one day at a time because the future is too overwhelming. Love you.

jennifer.dangc. said...

Inger! I agree with Kristi...God specifically chose YOU to be the mother of a sweet special needs child! I work with an autistic boy and he makes my day! I learn so much from him..he never holds any wrong done to him, he thinks everyone loves him! All in all, you are great Inger and God couldn't of chosen a better person to be her mom! Love you!

Momofgirls said...

She really is the light of our home...as so many of you know! She knows no stranger and just thinks everyone loves her like we do! What a way to live!! We can really learn so much from these "special" ones!

Her hysterical laughter is my favorite thing, well, that and when she tells me about her friend, "Weswie Wamanuzzi" (hope she can never say that right!)