Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fly Boys

We were just sitting down to Christmas Eve dinner over at Scott's brother Brad's house when we got the most wonderful surprise...Scott's brother Barry, his wife Stephanie and their 2 kids came walking in!!! It took them all day to travel from Dallas to Sacramento (bad weather), then they drove on up to Redding! What a great surprise! We could not believe it!!Barry and Scott are both pilots (and Brad could be one) so they love to fly when they are together. Now that Scott has Barry's "old" plane here in Redding they can fly when they are here!
Scott, Barry and Brad boarded 3-4-4-Tang0-X-ray and away they flew right next to beautiful Mt. Shasta. It is covered with snow which makes it even more beautiful!
Those big boys sure fill up the front of that plane! I am glad Brad had the camera on the way there to get some good pictures...There are none from the trip home, Brad was flying!

Here is another shot of the big white mountain that you see while driving north on I-5. I always know we are close to home when it comes into view. It is even more majestic from the sky!
The boys had a great time and I'm sure they are praying for another clear day so they can get back up in the sky together!!

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Julie said...

Did anyone have any idea that Barry and Stephanie were coming? What a wonderful surprise!!!

Jacqueline said...

So great to catch up on your family! You all look wonderful. Gorgeous pictures of the guys flying...scenery is fabulous-WOW!

Dolly said...

Just catching up on your blog. LOVED your Christmas card. Such a great picture of your sweet family. I cannot believe the amazing scenery where you live. It's so beautiful and it's really neat that you all can just get in the plane and fly right over it all.
What a nice surprise too to have family roll into town. Happy New Year to you!

Jennifer said...

Oh my, I can't believe you get to live so close to those gorgeous views! Absolutely amazing.

Thanks for your Christmas card. It was a great picture and I appreciate you remembering the Clardy clan. :)

Hope you're enjoying this week and have a Happy New Year!!!