Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Cascade Christmas

Shae and Maeghan dressed up and looked so cute! We went with all girls...and my nephew, Austin! He is a ladies' man, so he fit right in!
My dear friend Carolyn came with us and brought,
her crazy granddaughter, Chloe (who happens to be Anna's good friend!)
Carloyn and Dottie got free kisses on the cheek throughout the show!

It was so fun listening to Austin get excited during the different songs, especially when Santa was on stage! Beckie had her hands full with that excited boy!
While we were waiting for the show to start, we ran into Rachel, who was celebrating her birthday!
After the show we went to a Sweet Spot for some cupcakes and gelato! Yum!
The girls left their mark on the chalkboard wall too. I would love one of these walls in my house, but the chalk dust would make me crazy!
We had a fun evening out and it is always impressive to see the unbelievable dancers that are from right here in Redding! The show is just like the one we saw 2 years ago in Dallas with the Rockettes. It is a fun outing to get you into the Christmas spirit!
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Kim said...

Holiday memories are such fun! Glad you took advantage of the opportunity to go!