Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Bedrooms

I can't wait until MY bedroom is painted so I can put my new {white} bedding on my bed! I can just "see" a beautiful Christmas tree all decked out in white in there next year! For now, the only bedrooms in this house that are festive are those of my daughters. This is the first year they have ALL {even Linds} put up and decorated their own bedroom Christmas trees without me!!I LOVE the colors of Shae's bedroom. She painted it grey last year (I didn't love the color at first, but it turned out very nice!)
We found the perfect turquoise ornaments last year on clearance after Christmas. We have a package of cool black tree decorations from Ikea, but I guess she opted not to use them this time around. Next year I will be decorating her bedroom tree to welcome her home for Christmas Break from college!! (boo hoo)

She added a little zebra fabric at the bottom..LOVE that!!
Juicy Couture stocking in her room...does she think Santa will fill 2 for her?!

Lindsay's favorite color was purple ever since I can remember...but now she is sooooo into pink! Papa got her a purple Christmas tree last year to match her bedroom and she happily put it up (with Anna's help) and decorated it! She really really LOVES having it in her room and wants me to plug it in when I come in to wake her up every day!
We have Christmas books throughout the house, including Lindsay's nightstand, for her night time ritual. Although she says "Daddy tells the best stories" and I believe it because you can hear her howling with laughter when he puts her to bed!

Anna can actually borderline on being a "tacky" decorator, so I was concerned when I saw all the Christmas lights on the floor in her room...but she did a good job, and her room looks nice all lit up at night.
One thing on Anna's Christmas list is:
"Paint my room pink"
EEk, I am nervous about that, it's such a tricky color, does anyone have any suggestions on a "good" pink!? I can't wait to make her room a priority so she will feel special, she has had everyone's hand-me-down bedding her whole life!
It sure is fun to "Deck the Halls" for Christmas...I am not sure Scott would agree, he HATES when we mess up HIS garage and HIS attic (and we HAVE!!!).
Brrrr, it's COLD outside here in California, and they say it might even drizzle some snow tonight!!!!!!!!!! Shae and Anna got out of school early yesterday because they had a broken pipe and flooding at their school. We are just not used to this cold cold weather!" target=_blank>Photobucket


Julie said...

Loved seeing the different tree decorating styles in the girls' rooms! Your girls have taken after you -- creative!!!!!!!

Denise said...

Cute trees! Also every time I see Juicy Couture, I think of you and Shae--and my nieces in Ohio.

Shae said...

at our last house, the girls' room was a disney color, called pixie dust. i will see if i can find a pic of it. =)