Saturday, December 5, 2009

Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake

This year I decided to decorate my little kitchen tree with something we LOVE around here:CUPCAKES!
It was surprising to me that I had so many "cupcakey" ornaments. I haven't even looked through all my ornaments this year either!I am planning to cut out some cupcakes with my silhouette and make them into garland. (uh. that's when my laundry and ironing are all caught up.)
But, for now, here you have it! I had this precious fabric waiting to be sewn into an apron, but it serves as a great tree skirt!
The print is one by Heidi Grace. She also has a line of scrapbook papers, etc. Too cute!!
Scott finished the village and train in the family room today with Anna's help. It is so cute you just want to go walking through the little "town".
I LOVE how Anna makes everything fun, special and exciting for Lindsay. She got the train conductor's whistle out and told Lindsay that she had to blow it to let all the people in the village know that the train is coming!
We are sure to have some train de-railments from 2:00 until 3:00 every day. Lindsay gets off the bus at 2:00 and will have access to the train/village without Anna until Shae and Anna get home from school at 3:00.
We have been really into hot cocoa this year. Today the weather turned a little colder than the 70's we have been having this week, so Anna had some in one of the sweet Williams Sonoma mugs I got from my friend, Denise, in the Christmas blog swap last year! (we still love 'em, Denise, thankyou!)

Another project Big Daddyboy is working on is our backyard "patio"!
He even put in a fire pit. We are looking forward to making s'mores around the roaring fire!
Now all I need is a set of rocking chairs under the porch!
We are enjoying the season very much and keeping busy with lots of projects. I am so excited that the "Children of the World" group is coming to spend Christmas up at the Lassen Pines Inn. The kids are from Uganda and the Phillipines and are ages 8-12. The girls and I are fixing up some goodie-bags to have on each child's bed when they arrive!
I am sure we will have lots to share after we meet the kids!



Shae said...

so adorable. why is redding so far from santee??? you inspired me to do a tiny little tree in my kitchen. ours opens onto the famliy room where i have a 9ft tree the kids decorated with every ornament we own! and are you kidding me with kids from UGANDA?! i work with invisible children. you should check them out. gotta go, my mom and dad are here for fresh from the oven cinnis. love ya!

Momofgirls said...

Shae...why must you tease me with talk of fresh cinnis???? UGH! It's a good thing Santee IS far away!

Yay! I think you SHOULD do a tree in the kitchen, you will be amazed at all the cute kitchen ornaments are out there!

My kids all have their own trees in their bedrooms too! Linds has a purple one, Anna's is pink, Shae's is regular green but the ornaments match her room, turquoise and black!

My nephew has a tree with all John Deere ornaments..the possibilities are endless!

Dolly said...

Inger, I'm playing catch up and love all your decorations! You really make Christmas time special and put so many details on your decorating. I'm sure your girls LOVE it! Love your Texas tree too! And your cupcake tree....what a great idea!

Katie said...

Inger, cute decorations. Made me hungry.

I didn't know your hubs was a pilot, too. You're right, it's nice to get somewhere quickly but scary sometimes, too. ; )