Monday, December 14, 2009

It's the Simple Things

It is easy to get caught up in the stress and over-spending of this season. I am reminded daily that things don't have to be fancy or expensive to be special or entertaining. Lindsay has played over and over with a set of magnetic rocks that our friend, Tom Darnell brought her while we were in Lynchburg. He said he paid $1 for them. They have entertained her on an airplane, in the car, at volleyball and basketball games and for many hours at home. Mainly they are "her kids" and they are ALL GIRLS. We are down to 10 in all from 15 (not bad!) .
Here she is playing with them in the hotel while we were in the reception for the YA reunion we attended in September...and they had a bonus-a mirror so she could watch her hands while they lined up "those kids".

In this season of rushing and pressure and stress, let's try to focus on the simple things:
Like a sweet baby boy born in a humble manger.
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Julie said...

AMEN AND AMEN!!!!! Thanks for the reminder!

Denise said...

Very sweet! And very true! Thanks Inger!