Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Birthday Dinner for "Big Daddyboy"

Today is the birthday of the two most influential people in my life...my Mom and my Husband!
How blessed I am to have them both.
Any bit of creativity I may have has come directly from my Mom, she taught Kindergarten for 36 years, sewed blankets for every.new.baby in our church AND ALL my friends at college, made Halloween costumes for me (her only child), all while dealing with my (then) alcoholic father. She LOVES my girls like crazy and has a special bond with my Linny-girl. I hope she has a wonderful day and I wish I could make a birthday dinner for her tonight!What a lucky girl I am to have found the perfect guy for me! I made a great decision years ago to attend Liberty University where I found Scott. He is so patient, kind and loving to all of us. My girls will have a very high standard when choosing a husband!(!I am praying Shae will find one like him while she is there!)
Scott worked so hard to get his private pilot's licence and his instrument rating that I thought I would have a little airplane theme for his birthday dinner. I got these boarding pass invitations on Etsy. (how cool is Etsy!!??)
I hung this little airplane that my Dad sent Scott (made out of soda cans!!) from the light above the table. I am so lucky because my FIL is making the prime rib for tonight, I just had to do the cake and sides dishes! (and clean the house...WHY do I decide to change the sheets , clean out closets and organize my laundry room on a day I am having company??!! EEk! I am doing everything except what I am supposed to be doing!!)
Gotta go vacuum and light the candles! Be back later with the girls' Christmas trees in their rooms!)

Happy Birthday Mom and Scott, I love you both so much and I am so thankful for you!

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