Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Overview (short version)

So I guess there really are peeps who read this lil' blog. I have had requests (plural) for an update!! Well, here you go: Christmas 2009 Recap (keep in mind i have like 600 this IS the short version!) There will be additional pics to follow!
It all started on Christmas Eve when we were getting ready to pray before the meal at Brad and Beckie's house. Shae looked toward the door and said "Oh my Goodness!!!" When we looked, we saw Scott's brother Barry, his wife, Stephanie and their 4 1/2 year old twins, Averi and Brady!! They flew in from Dallas on Christmas Eve just to surprise us! I mean, WHO DOES THAT?!?So so fun!!
The cousins wasted NO time getting to some serious play time.

Anna even read some books to them in Austin's room (we could hear this going on through the nursery monitor!)
I have enjoyed every.single.minute. of my girl this (her last "normal" Christmas at home!)

We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and blew out His candles for Him.
We were thankful for the many blessings we have received this year.
We were thankful for Family.
We "hot-tubbed" on Christmas! It was 70 degrees outside!
We LOVED having our unexpected visitors!
We opened presents.

(even dorky ones...Shae LOVES her Snuggie!)
Cute monogrammed things were under the tree too!

Scott and I had planned to meet up with our friends, Thom and Jane Doney in San Fransisco to celebrate their anniversary with them at Ruth's Chris (YUM!). This has kinda become an annual thing in December. They fly up from Orange County and we drive down from Redding to meet in SF! We didn't know Scott's brother and his family would be here, but they told us to go ahead and go. They even had a slumber party at our house the night we were gone!
We enjoyed talking and wandering around the city in the beautiful weather!
We came home to find a Wii!! That Aunt and Uncle from Texas sure know how to score points with the Luff girls in Redding! We now have a Wii, controllers, Wii fit plus, the game board....
We have resisted video games for a long time (we also don't have cable TV) but I must is SO MUCH FUN. And I am totally the best downhill skier at our house!
After one night at home it was time for Barry, Steph and the kids to head back to Texas. We said a tearful goodbye! Then we packed up our girls PLUS our "other" girl, Maeghan (Shae's BFF) and went to Sacramento to celebrate New Year's eve the BEST way...SHOPPING in the GALLERIA!!
There was peace in the car on the way to Sacramento! Lindsay had her own DVD player and her white board with markers and Anna had a DVD player with seasons 1 &2 of "I Love Lucy".
We stayed 2 nights in a cute hotel. Shae, Maeghan and Anna had their own room.
And we ate WAY too much... But we had a very nice time and found some great deals.
We enjoyed each day of our vacation sleeping in, staying in our jammies all day sometimes, eating yummy food and being with our family!

Now, I need to spend some time getting my
put back together!!


Carolyn said...

I noticed the size of those beds....why couldn't I be BFF with Anna?

Julie said...

I loved reading about your Christmas and trip to SF. Thanks for sharing!! What a great surprise to have Scott's brother and family come.

Jacquee said...

Whoever that baby is that Laurie is holding - I want him! =0) He's a cutie! Looks like you had a nice Christmas. Thanks for the update!

Amy said...

Wow...looks like you guys had an amazing Christmas!!

Donna said...

Oh my goodness, your CHristmas/NYE was BUSY!! I know you loved every minute of it, though. That's a great idea to go to Sacremento and get a hotel room for NYE. I bet the girls loved it! And Ruth's Chris? Yum! Now I"m craving a steak!!!!

Dolly said...

Looks like such a wonderful Christmas time and one you and your family will never forget. I love the idea of getting a hotel and going shopping with your girls too. How fun!