Thursday, January 21, 2010

Spirit Week

It is Spirit Week at Shae's school this week. That means dress up days, competitions, float building and Homecoming. Here are 3 of the 4 senior class princesses on "Cowboy Day".
Today was "Movie Character Day". Here are Andrew and Maeghan as Noah and Allie from
The Notebook.
Anyone recognize these three?
Bryce, Shae and Daniel
As Edward, Bella and Jacob!
Daniel is cracking me up...Look at the vampire angst on his face! (Bryce got a spray tan..which also cracks me up! Hahahaha!)
Tomorrow night is The big Homecoming celebration. Shae is walking in with Daniel and she is so glad he is tall, so she can wear heels! WooHoo!
It will be a very late night, but so much fun (and Shae gets to take the SAT on Saturday morning). I will be there WITH MY CAMERA, already got that battery a'chargin'.
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Shannon said...

So fun! I remember spirit week in high school and it was always so fun. :) Those pictures were great!