Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More Homecoming...

For the Aunties...Here are some more pictures of Homecoming. We wish you could have been here! Maybe one day we will ALL live down the street from one another!
Shae Marrin
I am so thankful for the influence of these wonderful grandparents in the lives of my girls!
Lindsay LOVED Homecoming, especially staying up "weawy wate"!
and she is such a great hugger!
The social butterflies had fun running around and eating sour gummy worms (I looked the other way when I saw HOW MANY they had!)
I knew the shoes wouldn't last long!
Friends for life!
Here is the float the seniors BUILT! It is just amazing! You can sit inside and it looks absolutely authentic to a real cable car in San Fransisco!
High school is so much fun, I am so thankful that Shae has had some wonderful friends to experience it with!
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Kim said...

That float is amazing! And Shae is beautiful. Love the dress!

meagan1978 said...

the little curly headed girl is the cutest :)

Leigh Ann said...

She looks gorgeous!