Monday, January 25, 2010

Homecoming 2010

Homecoming 2010 was a fun time! Shae was one of the Senior class princesses along with Rachel, Maeghan and Sarah.
In true Maeghan/Shae form, while the pre-event "princess" pictures were being taken (boys were playing the basketball game) they managed to get their crowns tangled up in each other's hair!
Fun Girls
Here are the pictures of each couple as they walked to the stage. This part was so strange for me because it seems like I was just sitting in the stands with my little 6th grade Shae-Shae watching the children of my friends walk onto the stage thinking how weird is must be to have a high school aged child!
Jon and Maeghan
David and Sarah (Sarah ended up being the Queen)
(Jon and David are twins...Shae and the boys met in the church nursery as babies!!! Goooood boys!)
Andrew and Rachel (Andrew ended up being the King!)
Daniel and Shae
As each couple walked toward the stage one of their teachers read their GPA, a list of activities they have been involved in along with their college plans and favorite Bible verse. THAT part got me! Oh my, to hear it read in front of everyone that my daughter is planning on going to Liberty University in VIRGINIA made it so REAL! How will I get along without her?!

The 2010 Homecoming Court
Maeghan, Shae and their Dads.
Every weekend Shae is either at Maeghan's house, or Maeghan is at our house. I.Love.That.
Shae with her Grandma's BFF, Carolyn and Anna's BFF, Chloe (Carolyn's granddaughter)
Yep...we brought the whole family! Lindsay was up until midnight that night! Brad was able to come after work but Beckie couldn't find a babysitter so she wasn't able to make it.
Shae has made us so proud. What a great young woman she has become. My prayer is that she will continue to make right choices and follow God's will for her life. She has a tender heart and we are so excited for her future. She plans to study Education, teaching special ed. or working with visually impaired children! (which should come easily since she has had so much experience right at home with both!)

(I will do another post with more pictures either later today or tomorrow...maybe if you leave comments the next post will come sooner!! heehee)
She will always be our princess!
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Julie said...

I don't know why, but that last picture of Shae and you and Scott made me cry!! I remember when you were pregnant and I wanted you to have Shae on my birthday. Where have the years gone?????? TOO FAST THAT'S FOR SURE!!!!

Shae said...

beautiful! why is redding so far from santee? sigh.

Momofgirls said...

Shae Damata... You commented????? Wow! Yes, I wish you were closer and I could order graduation cuppies from you!!!

Momofgirls said...

Julie! I remember you praying for me to even get pregnant! What a journey we both had to get our sweet babies! Thanks for all your prayers over the years! I got a couple pics of Lyle to get to you! QTpie!

Stefanie said...

So awesome Inger...I'm proud for you and Scott. I still remember the days of you packing your boxes and shipping them to/from during school breaks!

Kim said...

I am with Julie. That last pic was wonderful! Shae was a beautiful princess, enjoy each moment of this year.

joyfullytiredmom said...

You should be proud of her! She is so blessed to have you for her mom.
I still remember her being a lil toddler.
If Shae needs to do an internship with special needs kids, she can always come stay with us!

Amy said...

Yep, that last pic made me cry have such a beautiful family!! We MUST meet up...however the fall when y'all bring Shae to LU. Next will be my oldest's senior year!

Donna said...

Sweet post, Inger. Shae looked gorgeous! I know you were all so proud of her.

I think this time of year--with school being half way over--makes parents realize that their kids are getting older! Caroline is going to Kingergarten in the fall! How did that happen?!!

Jaime said...

Beautiful post....and beautiful daughter. You have every reason to be very proud! I LOVE your journal! :)