Thursday, March 11, 2010

Here We Go Again!

What an exciting day for Anna. Today she finally got her much anticipated braces!
Here she is ready to go in and get those babies put on!
Here is the" before" picture we will use when she gets them off!
{wearing the Dr. Gus sunglasses so the light won't hurt her eyes}
Dr Gus and Lara putting the braces on.
The most fun thing about the braces now is that you can choose the color of the rubber bracket things that get changed every 6 weeks. Anna chose pink and purple this time after a lonooong decision making process
{my braces were ALL SILVER!}.
Here is the happy girl on our way out! She was so cute all the way to school
talking about them and looking at them in the mirror. She is usually so quiet, you can tell when something makes her happy by the talkative-ness! Thanks Dr. Gus!

I was telling Scott that we have lousy getting started with braces (cha-ching!) and one going off to college (double cha-ching!).
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Dolly said...

So cute that Anna is so excited about getting braces! They do make it fun with being able to pick which rubber bands you want. I always wanted braces too. She looks great!

Julie said...

Lyle always had such a hard time deciding on the color, so it would drive me nuts!! :0) After having them on for 2 years and 7 months, he was SOOOO READY to get them off.