Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend in Review

We were blessed with another beautiful weather weekend. I am so thankful for the clear skies after a good rain. The weather pattern we have been enjoying suits me just fine, rain for a few days followed by gorgeous warm, sunny days!

We stayed home all day Saturday and got a lot done. Saturday night we were treated to a delicious meal made by Anna. She did the whole thing herself!!
Homemade pizza with tomatoes and fresh basil, cheese pizza with white sauce, basil tartlets, salad and sweet tea were on the menu for the evening. She is such a capable girl, looks like I've got some easy livin' coming up!

Sunday was another beautiful day. Church day!! We started the morning listening to the CD that the "Children of the World" sent to us after they stayed at camp over Christmas. Precious, absolutely precious! The worship songs are so so good and I caught Lindsay in full worship when I came into the kitchen where the music was playing!
(oh, and it looks like there is a hole under the arm of her sweater!!)
After church Anna asked if we could go walk the River Trail at the Sacramento River. Scott stayed home to work, so I took the girls and it was so fun. Redding is a beautiful place to live! There were so many people out riding bikes, walking and having picnics.
After we took this picture Lindsay bit the dust (mud!) trying to get down! The white sweater will never be the same!

A rare picture of Lindsay looking AND smiling in the same direction! WooHoo!
On our way back Anna pushed Lindsay and I was so glad! Phew! What a workout pushing that talker around!
It's good we were able to soak up some sun since the forecast is rain this week.
"The heavens tell of the glory of God. The skies display his marvelous craftsmanship."
Psalm 19:1
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Amy said...

That bottom pic is gorgeous...we're a run of pretty days here as well. And don't you just love catching the kids 'worshipping' like that?! We came home from our anniversary date Sat. night & the kids had Casting Crowns cranked up. ;-)

Kim said...

I was going to same the same thing as Amy. Great pic of the white blossoms and LOVED the pic of Lindsey worshipping! Plus I envy you having a cooking partner in the kitchen....

Momofgirls said...

Kim, Anna is my only hope of having a domestic one;0
She LOVES to bake, cook, scrapbook and do crafty things!! It IS very fun! Maybe she will be the one to get me caught up in the scrapbooks!

Julie said...

Inger, PLEASE, PLEASE say that Anna can come live with me and cook!! I'll clean, clean, clean, and she can cook, cook, cook!! PLEASE???

Donna said...

That picture of Lindsey worshipping is precious!! I bet that made you want to cry:) How sweet! Enjoy this weather, I think Spring is here!!!!

Carolyn said...

Love those Luff girls...24